The Long Journey Home

What a wonderful morning with the Athens church of Christ! Maggy and I found this family of believers to be warm, encouraging, and very interested in the condition of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It was a joy to meet the elders and to have a great meal with them following worship time. It was a very positive trip and I am grateful to have met some of my brothers and sisters I have not known before. I was especially grateful for the elders calling me to the pulpit at the end of the service and praying with me about our work, my personal ministry, and the great task before us.

After lunch we headed for home, figuring to stop somewhere along the way for an overnight. Our anxiousness to return home increased with each mile, though. So, we decided to just come all the way home. Thanks to God’s grace we made it home safely.

I hear that Lynn Griffith did a great job preaching at Central today and we had several visitors present. I hope that the Nashvillians had a safe trip home. Other Nashville folks who were present at Central during our absence was the Robert Lingle family. I’m sorry I missed seeing them. Our teens had a great time at the teen retreat at Gulf Coast Bible Camp. It was good to hear that things went well while I was gone!

If you get the feeling that all is well on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, take a moment to read THIS STORY from Saturday’s Mississippi Press.

Also in the newspaper are several advertisements for a local church of Christ having a “Gospel Meeting“. I know what that is, but I wonder if the average citizen of Jackson County knows what that is. That’s not a criticism. Since we are having an event coming up the first week of December, I’m trying to think of the best way to communicate to the non-religious public exactly what it is that we are encouraging them to attend. I’ll tell you more about that event when the last few details have been settled. I’m waiting for a communication from my contact that is arranging things on the other end.

Well, Monday is about to arrive, so I’ll post this and get some rest. Thanks for reading!