The Energy of Anticipation

Anticipation. There is just something that energizes the heart when one anticipates something great. How many children can barely make themselves sleep on Christmas Eve? What about the hunter who gathers all of his supplies in order to make the best of the trip he has planned? (Good luck to my brother!) This summer families pored over brochures luring them into vacation destinations. At the bookstore checkout line an avid reader cannot wait to get home to begin the journey of that new book. Anticipation energizes us in so many ways.


I’m energized right now because of our upcoming Friend and Family Day at Forsythe! There has been a building sense of expectation as we approach this day. I’ve recieved emails from those who have friends who are committed to be present. Tonight … the Wednesday night before Friend Day … we compared notes and began to realize that this could be bigger than any of us anticipated. Plans are being made for overflow, should that happen. It’ll be an exciting day, no doubt!

But what is so exciting is that in that crowd of people perhaps there will be that soul that has yet to give themselves to Jesus Christ. Today they’re planning to go to church with a friend. But on Sunday while we are gathered together, God will be at work in the hearts of us all. And I’m praying that there will be someone who will ultimately give their life to the Lord. Maybe there will be a family that will decide to join us in our kingdom work, thus enabling us to reach even more.

It’s true, a big crowd excites the imagination! Yes, all of the acitivity as we build toward Sunday is amazing! But none of it will even touch the joy to be found when one sinner finds his or her way to Jesus Christ. Even angels in heaven will rejoice, and we will join them! Pray for us … pray for someone who is looking to find their way … and as we anticipate the what God will do … we prepare to give Him praise and honor!

By the way, if you’re in the Monroe area, we would love for you to join us! 2101 Forsythe Avenue, 10:30 Sunday morning!

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