The Coliseum Around the Corner

The Coliseum Around The Corner
Most of the time politics disinterests me because it’s just one talking head blaring over another one. I don’t even hope to change anyone’s mind. But I have to speak my own. I know this is too long and most won’t take time to read it. But children in cages. On American soil
Have you ever wondered how humans could gather at the Coliseum and watch Christians being eaten by animals for sport? The law of the land allowed it … and the Christians were not Romans … they wouldn’t say ‘Caesar is Lord‘ … so who cares what happened to them? When the elderly Polycarp was about to be taken to be set on fire for his lawbreaking allegiance to Christ, he showed hospitality to the soldiers, setting a table before them. They begged him to say ‘Caesar is Lord‘ so that the wouldn’t have to kill this old man they admired and who was so kind. He didn’t even have to mean it – just say the words! Polycarp wouldn’t have it.
Humanity has a way of writing laws that disadvantage the ‘other’…often to their death … and then turning around and saying “well, it’s the law… tsk tsk…go away to your death vermin”. Children in cages. Lawbreaking parents. Do they deserve it, Christian? Polycarp was a lawbreaker, tied to a pole and set afire. I know that some of these people may be criminals, some may be intent on harming America. But some are Christian … and some are seeking escape from terrorizing forces. And for many there was only one hope.

But children in cages? It’s complicated, I know, this business of immigration.

A view of inside U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention facility shows children at Rio Grande Valley Centralized Processing Center in Rio Grande City, Texas, U.S., June 17, 2018. Picture taken on June 17, 2018. Courtesy CBP/Handout via REUTERS ATTENTION EDITORS – THIS IMAGE HAS BEEN SUPPLIED BY A THIRD PARTY. – RC174C9B4E40

But we ‘hired’ (elected) people we considered to be brilliant and worthy to fix it. And they COULD. But they won’t because someone else may get the credit, or some other party might get an advantage, or some lobbyist might not be happy. Children in cages. In America.

We’re not far from the Coliseum friends. If not in reality, in spirit. I don’t talk about politics much, I find it all sickening. The corruption from top to bottom. A friend said, “It’s not a swamp, it’s a hell” in DC. I think he’s right. Children in cages. Just keep repeating that to yourself. Imagine your grandkids in the cages. I know, they’re not lawbreakers. They were born in the right place.
Caesar still wants to be Lord. But Jesus is Lord for all eternity.
Take some time to read about martyr Polycarp.  Let it sink in.
Forget who you voted for. Put aside your platitudes – no matter which party you’re with. I don’t care if other administrations practiced this. I don’t care which party created the “law”. I don’t care if someone broke the law trying to get to America. I don’t care about these excuses for treating children this way. There are better ways to deal with this situation.
If you are a Citizen of Heaven, then you already have many of the answers which elude our political elite.  I’m not too surprised at how the world treats anyone. But when Christians give their seal of approval, I’m at a loss. I’m so sorry to read of the separation of children from their parents and can’t imagine anyone who loves Christ being in support of that. They’re not cattle. They are humans. 
But hey, the economy is good.
In spite of all of this, out here hope remains. It’s just that sometimes it seems dim. Thanks for reading. JED

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  1. Good to see a reasoned response from a Christian perspective. Christians seemed to have joined the establishment lately rather than standing up for justice no matter who they have to challenge.

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