The Chicken Sandwich War

War has been declared for August 1: The Chicken Sandwich War. This one could make the history books that your grandchildren will read. Armed with attitude, battling ideologies meet at the red counter beneath the waffle fries to push agendas and let their thoughts be heard. I hope the servers holding the sample trays will have on their armor!

Although he’s been vilified and threatened, I don’t see how anyone could see anything unkind about Dan Cathy’s statement about his beliefs concerning marriage.  It is not really news. Someone asked a Baptist business owner a question and he answered it kindly and succinctly – and with a most expected answer that should surprise no one. Even if you disagreed with his philosophy of a biblical view of marriage, you could hardly say that he started this war. The media started this war and those who are ready with swords in hand were ready to pounce (Link: Weekly Standard article).

To be clear, I am not offended by those who go to Chick-Fil-A on August 1st (as suggested by once Governor, former Presidential Candidate, now talking head Mike Huckabee). As a friend wrote on Facebook, many will go to express gratitude for someone willing to state his beliefs. Amen. I know Christians across the country who are getting up groups to go – and that is their right.

I’m not offended by those who stay away. The lines are likely to be long. I know Christians who do not want to get in the mix of all of this, and that is their right. I support you either way.

I’m on the fence. I do not know if I’ll go or not. If I go it will be because I’m nearby and it’s lunchtime and I want a chicken sandwich. I do not think those advancing the political homosexual agenda will feel defeated if CFA has it’s most profitable day ever. If I went it would probably be because they are advertising new desserts.

There are hundreds of op-ed pieces, news stories, and prophecies of doom about the whole situation. If anything the Chicken Sandwich War illustrates the power of the media to take a simple story about an innocuous statement and turn it into a sizzling headline-producing culture war. If anything, that’s what makes me ill. It’s a media manipulation of culture for self-promotion and ratings.

I do not think this is the moment that everything changes. Perhaps I am not one of the men of Issachar, who understood the times. Maybe this is the kind of cultural shift our grandkids will read about in their history books. But somehow I do not think this rates. In a few months we won’t even remember this blip. By then the news media will be twisting some new non-event into a flaming scandal. Why do we keep listening to the news media? Now that’s something I’d like to discuss over a container of waffle fries.

If you choose not to go, respect and regard with love those who choose to go.

If you choose to go, respect and regard with love those who choose not to go.

Be kind to everyone, no matter what you perceive about their sexual choices. It is possible that the kindness of a Christian might be the unexpected spark that ignites faith in someone who needs what we all need: the love and forgiveness of Christ.

Best Editorial I’ve seen on this subject. Friend Brian Batey pointed it out to me. If interested, CLICK HERE.

Thanks for reading, John

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