The Changing Face of Blogging

In the technical world nothing is new for very long. Technology, and especially social networking, is growing at an astounding pace. We’re so in touch with our online friends we’re out of touch with our real-life friends! If we give ourselves to the online community, we can be drawn into a world that overtakes our lives in unhealthy ways. There are always new avenues to try and new services to test. Blogging is no exception – and it changes rapidly.

There are multiple articles on the internet asking the question: Is Blogging Dead? (Just google it to see for yourself.) According to one source (that I did not bookmark) 184 million people have started a blog. There is no way to read all of the blogs that exist, and really it is almost impossible to keep up with the ones that are linked on your favorite blogs. Another source said that  77% of active internet users read blogs. I think it would be a stretch to say that blogging is dead!

Some people have declared to me, “I would never write a blog” … but they are blogging. Micro blogging is one of the aspects of how blogging is changing or developing. Microblogging is writing that is concise, short, real-time, and quick-response. One of the most active formats for microblogging is FaceBook, which has over 175 million users. Every time you update your status, you are in effect blogging. You are utilizing a manner of logging your thoughts on the web. Another fast-growing microblogging platform is Twitter. Twitter only allows you to post in 140 characters or less. I recently spent a week on this blog with some posts on Twitter. There are other platforms – a lot of others.

In addition, many of these allow you to cross-post. When I update my Twitter account, those who follow me there will see what I wrote. But it also updates my Facebook status, so all of my Facebook friends can see my update there. In addition, I have a Twitter widget on my website, so my last three or four posts can be seen on my blog. So I have updated three different groups of readers on three different platforms, by posting in one place. This can be multiplied, but I have been content with that!

Blogging is changing by incorporating highly personalized blogs with short interspersed thoughts about life. These are cross-posted onto various platforms and friend groups.

Tomorrow: The issue of TIME in blogging.

Your thoughts about the various networking platforms are welcomed. How do you use various platforms to promote your blog?

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