The Blog That Almost Wasn’t and other stuff

Tonight I upgraded to the newest version of WordPress, and WHAMMO! my blog disappeared! I mean that if you came here all you saw was white space, and if you had my password and looked behind the scenes all you saw was white space! Thankfully I am a part of the wonderful service of Theobloggers and Brad got me back up and running in no time.

All of which has me ruminating about the blog and blogging in general. Although there are thousands of new blogs every day, some are declaring the end of blogging. I suppose blogging will die one day as some new thing that fits the bill comes along. Facebook is close to overtaking the entire Social Networking world. I still love Twitter for a lot of reasons, but many of my Twitter friends’ tweets are duplicated on my Facebook page. I try to follow as many Monroe people as I can on Twitter. Enjoying getting to know some of my fellow citizens that way. Many of the people I read on blogs are also connecting their blogs to FaceBook and I can read them there. Video, pictures, updates, connecting with others, events, games, email, vanity urls, localized announcements, fan pages … really I’m not sure what else FaceBook can include that would make it more pervasive. Which makes one wonder if personal blogging will be engulfed by FaceBook. Perhaps so.

Some personal updates are appropriate here I suppose. My leg (cellulitis) is better but still has not disappeared. I spent most of today with it elevated, hoping to get a little further down the line. I took my last antibiotic … but there’s still some discoloration and swelling around the ankle, and some pain associated with that. Maggy’s dad is better, although he has a struggle ahead of him in terms of diet, watching the buildup of fluid in his body, and just living with a little bit lowered level of health. Maggy has been there all week and is coming home tomorrow. I’m glad she could assist in helping with her dad, but I’m ready for her to come home. I think Jackson is too (that’s our dachshund!)

At Forsythe Church of Christ this month we’re learning some new songs to try to update our song service. That’s going well I think. We have VBS starting Monday and running through Thursday. Every church does it differently I suppose … and as long as I’m not in charge it can be done any way someone wants to do it! One of our sisters in the church is doing a great job of getting it all put together. I’ll be doing a daily wrap-up of the parable of the day, and Maggy will be partnering with one of our ladies for crafts. Our teens are taking a week to go to the Ocoee River. I have a picture on my desk of John Robert’s last trip to Ocoee with many of his friends. On one of his trips he contracted Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever! But it was cured once the doctor figured out what it was.

My brother and his family have been to my Mom’s this week. Unfortunately his daughter, Abi, had strep throat which involved a long ER visit and her feeling very bad. Gary and Pam did a lot of work on Mom’s house, though, and I’m thankful they could be there to do that. I’m about as handy as jello when it comes to things like that.

Well, that’s just a little breeze through my world. If you didn’t fall asleep, thanks for reading this far!


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