The Beatitudes for Parents

1.28.14The prolific nature of the Beatitudes is such that all areas of life are impacted when applied. I wanted to consider the Beatitudes tonight through the filter of parenthood.

God blesses the parents who are wise enough to know they are not always right, who listen to their children’s hearts.

God blesses the parents who remain aware of their shortcomings and trust in God’s grace to help them in tough times, for they have potential to grow stronger.

God blesses the parents who are gentle with their children at tender times. This will strengthen their children to receive their world as they grow.

God blesses the parents who have a deep desire to be filled with God. He will direct their steps.

God blesses the parents who teach their children to have a heart of concern for their friends who are bullied, passed around from parent to parent, and who never know what they will find when they go home. They may one day need that mercy from their friends.

God blesses the parents who maintain integrity and faithfulness in their marriage, thus teaching their children how to recognize the presence of God in their family.

God blesses the parents who endure the storms of adolescence, who do not seek to dominate their children in such a way that they grow in resentment instead of respect.

God blesses the parents who maintain their morals and standards in their family, even when other parents or cultural influences tell them they are backwards or unreasonable.

God blesses the parents who stay the course, show the right kind of love at the most difficult times. Even when the children do not understand and say hurtful things, following Jesus remains most important.

For these parents home is, at times, a foretaste of heaven. There is hope that their children will embrace these godly ways, grow beyond their shortcomings, and seek to claim the rewards of raising a family God’s way when it is their time to become a parent.

I took a few liberties, but believe I kept the spirit of the beatitudes in place. Perhaps every reader should look at the beatitudes through the lens of their own place in life. I believe they are prolific enough to address the daily life and challenges of all people.

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