That Whisper


This afternoon Maggy and I went to see The Proposal. We both enjoyed it, as have many of our friends. One of my biggest movie pet peeves, though, was making me irritated.

For some reason in all of Ouachita Parish no one has trouble with my debit card except Tinseltown Movie Theater. Why? I have no idea. So we go through the hassle getting the tickets. This is not my pet peeve.

Then at the refreshment bar we bought our customary coke and popcorn to share. (Please do not suggest that I skip the refreshments. Are you kidding?) So the very sweet girl who smiled, and who I liked couldn’t get the card to work. So she called over her workmate to give it a try. She went through several motions on the register without looking up, eventually keyed in the number, and like a loud obnoxious robot squeezed out, “what is your zip code”. It was more a command than a question. She never smiled, never acted happy that I helped pay her salary by buying her ten dollar popcorn. And so I didn’t feel bad when I mimicked her walking down the hall. I know, I need to grow up. But that is not my pet peeve.

After we were seated three young ladies came in and sat on the row behind us. Mind you it was a mid afternoon matinee for a movie that’s been out a few weeks – there were all of ten people in the theater. Why did they have to sit behind us? But that is not my pet peeve (though it comes close).

Evidently at least one of them (maybe more) had already seen the movie. And so all throughout the movie I kept hearing that whisper.

Actually I’m exaggerating … it wasn’t a whisper. The young woman didn’t have the decency to whisper. And THIS is my movie pet peeve!

So, whenever a significant moment was about to happen I heard: Here it comes.

When I got interested in some part I would hear: Oh, watch this!

Whenever there was a tense moment I heard: It’s going to work out.

When Sandra Bullock was first trying on her fiance’s grandmother’s wedding dress I heard: It’s going to look a lot better.

When Ryan Reynolds walked onto the screen in his wedding attire I heard: He’s so hot (repeated several times…breathlessly I might add!)

Whenever the film reached it’s sappy, I mean happy, ending I heard: awww

Now it’s true I could have gotten up and moved, but I was sitting in my preferred seat which allowed me to prop my foot up on a bar across the front of the seating area. And there is such a thing as principle. None of my sighs or backward glances gained me any satisfaction. I kept thinking, ‘they’ll probably stop that because they’ll realize how rude and insensitive it is to the other patrons.’ Ha!

Well, there’s no moral to this story. Maybe next time it happens I’ll go all Transformers and let out my own kind of whisper.

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