That Chair

That chair has history. I do not remember exactly when, but sometime after Hurricane Katrina’s destruction FEMA was scrambling to do all they could to help (despite deep criticisms). We were busy at the Central Church of Christ doing all that we could as well – making as many contacts and working together with every organization that we could. Turns out a hotel somewhere in Florida was refurnishing and donated (or sold to FEMA) the old furniture. These colorful furnishings were probably not what we would have selected from the Ashley Furniture store, but there was that period of time when we had nothing to sit on in our house. We eagerly welcomed into our home this chair and a small couch that let out into a bed.

At some point we passed the couch along to someone else who needed it, but for some reason the chair stayed. It’s a great chair to sit in, very comfortable. And while it will not win any awards for beauty, it was awesomely comfortable. We retired it to a back bedroom where it served well as a perch for quiet reading or a good place to tie your shoes.

Our home, as many remember, had 4 ft of water in it and we did extensive repairs. In our den there was a door leading to the master bedroom. While repairing walls the contractor suggested that we ‘wall up’ that doorway. He thought it would look better in the den. I told him that he didn’t live in our house and if he did he would know how needful that doorway was! Well, while I was on a trip someplace he convinced Mrs. Dobbs that he was right and he walled up the door.

I only tell you this so that you understand that he walled up the doorway with that chair inside the bedroom. Our hallway is rather narrow. The windows are rather small. There was no way to get that chair out!

Now here we are seven years later cleaning up after Hurricane Isaac did some damage to the Pascagoula house. The house has been for sale for some time. And that chair is still there. Earlier this week it was time to say goodbye to that chair.

My friend and Central Church elder, Jim Wetherington, came over to help me with this problem. Jim is a martial arts master and I suggested he could karate chop the chair in half. He did not attempt this, though he affirmed it could probably be done! He did, however, bring his circular saw. Friend Veto Roley and I got on either side of it to pull. In order to get that chair out of the house, Jim had to cut it in half.

I regretted that because in spite of it’s colorful demeanor, I liked that chair. And it was a reminder of the kindness of strangers that gave us a chair when we didn’t have one. But at the same time, it reminds me of the kindness of friends who would help a very unhandy man figure out how to get an uncooperative chair out of the house.

And that is the story about that chair.

Thanks for reading,