Thanksgiving Week

It is Thanksgiving week. It is a time when we possibly are more aware of our blessings than at other times. Perhaps we are moved to give more of ourselves, having knowledge that there are many people who have very little of the necessities of life. Families often gather together for large meals with laughter and joy and way too much food. Hunters go hunting. Cooks prepare seasonal foods in the kitchen. Sports fans watch football. And whatever your traditions are, we hope there is that moment when everyone quiets themselves and someone says the words we need to say every day. ‘Thank you, God.’

But we are not only grateful to have an abundance of food. Even those who have very little can be grateful for their portion. It is the presence of God for which we are thankful. His care and His presence through the difficult days of the year prior … He has carried us this far. His grace and mercy, overflowing and abundant, is extravagant. For these blessings, both rich and poor, give thanks every day.

While we are counting blessings, let us not forget to lift up our eyes from our plates. Surrounding us is a world who has a hard time expressing thanks to a God they do not know. Somehow, in God’s wisdom, He has given us the task of taking the message to the world. In today’s world that seems so daunting. We may not seem thankful to have a mission like this – but we ought to develop an attitude toward outreach that expresses gratitude.

God has placed within all of us the gifts, abilities, talents, ingenuity, imagination, and ambition to accomplish His will here on earth as it is in heaven. When we adopt God’s heart for the lost and put our minds and hearts to the task, I believe He will present to us opportunities we never dreamed. It’s worth the effort! Be grateful for the mission He has given us!

I hope you have a great Thanksgiving week! Thanks for reading. Check out some free books for your Kindle below.