Thanks, Brad


For many years I’ve been writing my reflections at Out Here Hope Remains. I doubt many of them are of eternal value but it has been quite a catharsis through times of trouble and heartache, as well as joy.  Somewhere along the way I signed up with Theobloggers which became Branchweaver. I depended upon the outstanding web knowledge of Brad Palmore for all these years.

Thank You!

I’m certain he often rolled his eyes when an email would come in from me describing something I’d broken or couldn’t figure out how to do. Yet he was always patient with me and I always have appreciated he willingness to help me when I was clueless (which was often).

Recently through some transitions Brad decided to get out of the web hosting business which sent me scrambling to find some way to keep this blog alive. Perhaps it is narcissistic, but ultimately I just enjoy writing here and I’m ecstatic that anyone would read it.

Thank you!

But a new host and transferring over means some changes that I’m sure I do not comprehend yet. In the changeover from one host to another all the pictures that were in the posts were lost. For 95% of them that’s not a concern. I’ll work on the rest.

Anyway, I do want to express my appreciation to Brad. It has been because of him that I’ve been able to have this presence on this webspace. I don’t know if my new hosts will be as accommodating and helpful as Brad, but I do know that the friendship connection will be missing when I can’t figure out how to do something pretty simple.

I wish you well in your new endeavors, my friend. And of course we’ll stay in touch. I’ll just try to resist asking you tech questions. Try.

Maybe I need to invest in one of these…