John Alan Turner reluctantly answered a tag (I don’t want to use the M word). The tag calls for me to list eight random things about myself. I found out from reading JAT’s list that we have similar random things in our lives. That either means that I am as exciting and dynamic as JAT, or we’re both boring as heck. Random things are not necessarily marvelous things…or good things … or even interesting things. These do not purport to be secret things that no one else knows. So keep that in mind when reading my list. Random simply means they come out of nowhere. Oh…the rules…

The Rules:

  1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves.
  2. Those who are tagged should post these rules and their 8 random facts.
  3. Players should tag 8 other people and notify them they have been tagged.


 1. I enjoy getting a haircut, but still I put it off until I either have to get it cut or permed.

 2. I hate clipping my toenails.

3. I have a camper for sale.

4. I always figure people I call/visit probably do not want to talk to me.

5. I love rain. Hurricanes, I can do without.

6. I am an introvert. I play an extrovert in public.

7. After a meal in a restaurant, I always stack the plates on the table and try to minimize the server’s work when I leave.

8. After using a public restroom, I always use the paper towel I dried my hands with to wipe off the countertop around the sink.

Are those random enough?

Ah…I have to ‘tag’ 8 other people. I think several of my friends have already done this … but … I’ll go ahead and tag:

Danny Dodd (As a surprise when he gets back from camp!)

Gary Kirkendall (he hates this kind of stuff…lol)

Al Sturgeon (he won’t do this even to please one of his bestest friends)

Mike Kjergaard (if he does it, it’ll be hilarious)

Trey Morgan (probably thinks he’s too busy…Mexico mission…camp…stuff)

Bobby Cohoon (missing in action this month)

Bobby Valentine (I should ask him for 8 random facts about Barton Stone! ha!)

Les Ferguson (Anyone who posts pics of himself with Pooh should be up for this.)

And as a bonus

Bobby Ross (A gig at the Christian Chronicle doesn’t excuse you from this kind of stuff!)


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