Surely goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life

Dear Lord,

As I have followed the worn path through the fields of this Psalm, I have encountered danger, surprise, comfort, and fulfillment. No wonder so many have traveled this way before me. Doubtless many more will follow after me. Through the dark places and light, I have discovered no escape from Your presence. That makes me smile.

I am sure of Your goodness and love. True, sometimes I have to remind myself of the reasons why I am sure. I have to remember who You are, and all the places we’ve been together. Forgive me for memory lapses, even when they are embarrassingly¬†long.

When I finally accepted the deep truth that Your love is forever, I took a step into Your arms. It has taken me some time to realize that this does not mean that I am already home. Your goodness and love following me does not mean the end of suffering.

I am sure that there were many times that Your careful shepherding averted sure disaster and guarded me from some misstep or consequence. In wistful hours I wonder why You cannot keep me from all pain. It is while contemplating these things that I recall that You are not sending pain into my life, rather, it is goodness and love that is following my uneven path. I’m sorry for the times that I blamed You for the evil I’ve suffered.

My Shepherd, no matter what happens in the length of my days, my hope remains in that one day that You bring me home. Until then, we travel together.

All the days of my life.


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