Sunset To Sunrise

Below is an article I saved many years ago. I thought I’d share it with you as we approach Resurrection Day!


Sunset to Sunrise by W. T. Allison

It could well be said of the early followers of Christ, “They came to the sepulcher at the rising of the sun and found it empty,” and life was never the same again. Christ had turned their sunsets into sunrise.

At SUNSET, it seemed that the universe did not care what happened to the Righteous One; at SUNRISE, the disciples knew that the tomb could not contain the Lord Jesus.

At SUNSET, the cross seemed a horrible implement of execution; at SUNRISE, it became a reverent and holy symbol, before which the world kneels in adoration and rises with inspiration.

At SUNSET, the grave, sealed with an immovable rock seemed to be conclusive evidence that death was at the end; at SUNRISE, man was given hope that he can outlive death. The empty tomb represents victory for every child of God.

At SUNSET, hopelessness abounded; at SUNRISE, hope did much more abound.

At SUNSET, a Galilean rabbi was dead, Jesus of Nazareth; at SUNRISE He was truly the Christ of God, the risen Lord of Glory.

At SUNSET, the obscure disciples were a timid, discouraged, disillusioned, weary lot; at SUNRISE, they were transformed, confident, courageous crusaders who went forth to defy kings, to proclaim Christ, and to change the world.

Resurrection Sunday was a day that changed the world. If you can catch the spirit, power and significance of this day, it can change your life and can turn your sunsets into sunrise.

Thomas was not going to believe that Jesus shad been raised form the dead. He replied, “Except I see, I will not believe.” Then the risen Lord appeared, and Thomas, falling down, cried, “My Lord, My God.” Jesus said, “Because you have seen me, you believe; blessed are they who have not seen me but who believe.”

If you will only believe the resurrection of Christ, it will turn all your sunsets to sunrise. He arose!!!

From the church bulletin of the Creekwood Church of Christ, Mobile, AL, date unknown.