Sunny Saturday

It’s a sunny and warm Saturday on the Coast. While many friends are anticpating one of the worst ice storms in the past quarter century, we are basking in the 75 degree warmth. Actually, I’d like a snowstorm to move in, but we do not know how to deal with that kind of weather, so I guess it’s okie dokie. Well, it might as well be…we can’t change it!

Yesterday a crew came and took away the FEMA camper across the street. There are only two more FEMA campers on our block. We rejoice with our neighbors. It’s been quite some time.

Tomorrow night I will be speaking at the Gateway Church of Christ in Pensacola, Florida. My friend and fellow blogger Danny Dodd is minister there. (Although Danny hasn’t posted a new blog since before Christmas!) I will be giving an up to date report on our hurricane relief operation. Gateway has been a significant partner with us in the recovery effort. I plan to spent part of today taking some current pictures around Pascagoula. They will be uploaded to my picture page, linked on the right. If you are in the area, come on out! If your congregation would like a report, let me know.

Blog reader Doyce Hall reminded me of a blog I used to look at pretty regularly, but had forgotten about. It is God Bless Mississippi and traces the recovery work of a couple working with the Convoy of Hope organization. I seem to recall I tried to communicate with these bloggers with no success. I have met the leader of Convoy of Hope and he is a great man. They are doing some super work … actually going a lot farther in their restoration efforts than we have the materials and money and labor to do. I am thankful for every person who is here doing any amount of work for others. It will take all of us to get it done. This is bigger than any one organization can tackle.

The story of the boy who was missing for four days is an incredible one, isn’t it? And then for them to find the boy who had been missing for four years … astounding! I can’t even imagine what these parents are going through, but I’m happy they have their children back. I think the whole nation is rejoicing with them.

I just had a phone call from blog reader and volunteer Rod Lindsey from Tennessee. We enjoyed and appreciated Rod and his crew when they were down here working last summer. If I remember right, his minister came with them, but had to leave early due to a death in the congregation back home. Anyhow, Rod said something that I know is true across the nation. We do not hear regularly from him, but they pray for us and keep up with us. I know that there are many groups that have been down here and worked and still keep us in their prayers and memories. We are so thankful for that, and appreciate it. Prayer has kept us afloat through this entire ordeal! God hears and acts and we are grateful.


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From the LockerGnome Newsletter: Jim Reece submits: “I would like to throw out Advanced Windows Care as a potential candidate for Freeware Friday. AWC does many things to help keep your computer running smooth. The great thing is it does a scan with just a one click – and with one click you can fix the problems. You can look at the details of each problem it found and accept or not accept the fix. There is a freeware and pro version. The only difference is the pro version runs real time while the free version must be manually launched when you want to run it.” I just ran this program on my laptop and I am super pleased with it. jd

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