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I’m as eloquent as an elephant
About as headstrong as the Mighty King Kong
On a rampage throwing airplanes
I can’t believe you haven’t gone away, gone awayI’m difficult, argumentative
About as thick skulled as the dinosaur bones
On a display…in a glass case
I can’t believe you haven’t run away, run away

It must be different through your eyes
Because you look at me like it’s the first time
That you’ve ever seen my face

I’m preoccupied with a crowded mind
I get off track like a train rolling back to the future
Never too sure who’ll be here when I come back around
But I’m finding out

Eloquent, Sanctus Real on the CD The Face of Love

Hey… hope your Sunday’s been a good one. We had a neat assembly with about 80 extra teenagers this morning. It was great to see David Kibler from Southern Acres Christian Church. This is their church’s fourth time to be down here on a mission trip. I just noticed on their website that Kyle Idleman is speaking there soon … very cool. They also have audio and video downloads of sermons at SACC. My iPod is downloading some now. Anyway, David will be speaking for us Wednesday night. He does a superb job. Several of the group that are here have been here before. It’s really encouraging to recognize the faces of these saints as they come again and again to serve. Mike Jacoby, one of their elders, came this time. He led our opening prayer this morning. I need to get up to Lexington to visit this church sometime maybe this Summer. Last year this youth group got up and sang a song for us that they had learned to sing acappella, just as a gift to Central. It was a beautiful moment.

LOST talk. I said a few weeks ago that I was getting a bit disenchanted with LOST. However, that has all changed. There are a few contributing factors. One, the show has picked up the pace in the past two weeks. The past two episodes have been incredible! The Lost Podcast is also an excellent companion to the show. At iTunes do a search for the official LOST podcast and make sure to listen each week. LOST keeps me going because of the cryptic clues in each episode, even if the ongoing story doesn’t move as fast as I would like. I just keep waiting for Jack’s father, Christian, to show up (as he did once in the forest). Perhaps he is the elusive Jacob? Or maybe he really is dead. Or maybe he was bitten by the medusa spider and only appeared to be dead? Theories abound on the LOST message boards. I personally go through times when I believe that John Lock is an evil man … but then he doesn’t seem to be later … I can’t pin him down. What do you think?

AMERICAN IDOL talk. We’ve pared down all of the thousands of contestants to nine. I have said that this is my favorite part of the show. I do not enjoy the tryouts … it gets old quick. The first few singing episodes see contestants dismissed quickly. But when you get to this part of the program, you generally have a set of outstanding singers. I’ve noticed that every year there is someone who obviously cannot be the winner but voters keep them in place. I remember that John Stevens guy who could do a pretty decent job of crooning out a Frank Sinatra standard, but otherwise was out of place. Yet, good singers were voted off while he remained. The anomoly this year is Sanjaya Malakar. I do not know what it must be like to be at the same time a person who accrues enough votes to remain in the contest and also the most reviled and ridiculed singer on the show. I feel bad for the guy, and suggest that he voluntarily resign so that excellent singers won’t be sent home while junior high girls keep him in the competition. I doubt he reads my blog, but he would do America a favor. AI judge Simon Cowell has said that if Sanjaya wins, he’ll quit. Kind of like double jeopardy, isn’t it? Among the guys, there isn’t a standout. I feel like they are all equally mediocre. Phil needs to prepare to say goodbye, though. The loss of Chris Sligh was not a good move, AI voters. He could sing well. But I think not everyone could identify with his wry attitude toward life. I liked it. Among the girls, who can choose? I like rocker girl Gina. But then again, Jordan Sparks really sparks! I like all the girls. Although I do have a friend who has said that Melinda looks like a gargoyle and he will not vote for her. Bah. She’s beautiful, a sweetheart, and a great singer. Now if I had to pick a weak link among the girls, I’d advise Haley to keep a bag packed. But we’ll have to see. I will predict (although it’s an easy prediction) that we will have two females going for the win on the last night of the season. Sorry guys. All your dreams are dead. (Sorry, Chris, to steal a line from you.) Don’t know who Chris is? Hmmm…


It’s been a rainy day here on the Coast, and that’s what we needed. Hope everyone had a great Sunday and you’re ready for what God has in store for you this week.


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