Sunday Review

Saturday night about 12 of us drove to Mobile for Winterjam. We enjoyed the talents of Britt Nicole, Sanctus Real, Hawk Nelson, NewSong, Steven Curtis Chapman and Jeremy Camp. The musical styles varied somewhat, but it was all very energetic and a lot of fun. By the time we arrived the place was practically full, so we all headed out in small groups to find seating. I ended up sitting with Bud and his two grandsons. We had a super view of the stage. I was most looking forward to hearing Jeremy Camp. As a fan, I enjoyed the performance. I was a little disappointed that his mic wasn’t loud enough and his great lyrics were overcome by the music. However, it was a lot of fun.

The highlight of the night for me was Steven Curtis Chapman. SCC is a stage veteran, having won multiple awards for his excellent music. I was glad to have the chance to see him live. I think his performance was the most impressive as he introduced his band. Four of them were teenagers! Two of them his sons. While I expected his set to be a bit calmer than say Hawk Nelson, I was wrong. His young band kept him connected with a mostly teenage crowd. I thought his “Great Adventure” was a bit garbled … but he recovered with a high-energy “Dive” to end his set.

There were a few things I didn’t like about the night, but they were not enough to turn me sour on the event. It was great to go with some of our teens, parents, and even some grandparents. Next month Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman will be there. Maybe I will be there too!

This morning we enjoyed worshiping together, although our number was down quite a bit. We had several members out of town at the same time. We still had community visitors and we enjoyed getting to meet some new friends.

Sunday night we met at 5 and watched Rob Bell’s BREATHE video and discussed it together. Following that we had some light refreshments and enjoyed a good visit. Rob Bell is such an outstanding communicator. I ask you… what is it about him that he connects so well with his audience? I have some other Nooma videos that we will watch at other times.

Tonight I went to Arbys and was behind about 15 folks who were obviously not from here. Unlike Mississippians, they had an accent. Anyway I figured they were relief workers here with some group or another. While I was picking up my food in walked David Kilbern and David Jordan. It appears that the group was here to work with US! How funny. I was confused and thought they were coming next week. The group is from Windsor, Colorado. I did notice while they did not know me and I did not know them I perceived that they were Christians, and that they were having a good time together.

Tomorrow is the day that the doctor has set for our daughter to give birth to our new grandson. That’s exciting! Nicole and Robert and Claire are looking forward to bringing a new bundle of joy into their home.


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Hope you have a great week!

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