Sunday Night Update

Just a few quick thoughts here before getting some badly needed beauty sleep!

We had over 180 people in worship this morning. I should have the podcast up sometime tomorrow. Some of the volunteers have been to Pascagoula six times….several are first timers. We have groups from Springdale, Arkansas, Peoria, Illinois, Lexington, Kentucky, Bay City, Texas, and Fowler, Indiana. With the arrival of every group I am reminded that we have met the finest young people (and some older ones!) on earth. I’m also reminded that we would not have taken two steps without God’s Big Family continually offering support and energy to the recovery effort here. It is that way across the Coast at every stop.

Jimmy Allen was a famous preacher among churches of Christ. A youth minister by the name of Jimmy Allen leads the team from Springdale. He is a people magnet…joyful, devoted, and full of energy. I have an elderly friend who lives in Springdale, but I think attends a different church. This is Jimmy’s second trip … it’s been almost a year. Things look quite different around here! At least one of his elders is with him. I’ve enjoyed talking to him.

Jeff and Kera Hubbard are the youth ministers from Nichols Street Church of Christ in Bay City, Texas. This is the church my brother and his family attend. Bay City sent my family a significant gift after the storm, which was a timely help. Jeff and Kera came to Central two months ago to check things out and prepare for this trip. They are confident leaders.

Jeremy Picker is from Peoria, Illinois. I first told Jeremy we didn’t have room for him, but I’m glad we made room. He led our worship this morning in a great way. I haven’t had much time yet to get to know him … but both Jeff and Jimmy know him from college days.

Brian Delks came in tonight from Fowler, Indiana. I haven’t seen him yet, but I do believe that this is at least his second trip here.

David Kibler is here … and there’s just something about David… he is just buzzing with kinetic energy. I love David. I love the Southern Acres Christian Church … this is their sixth trip down to help us. What amazing partners they have been in our recovery. I hope to visit there sometime in the near future.

We have some new friends from Louisiana coming in Wednesday … so it’s a full week. A film crew from the University of Ohio is in town filming a documentary about the 100 homes project. They filmed for about half of our worship service this morning.

A young man in Jeff’s group took a bunch of pictures and they are up on my picture page. I found my camera. From where I blog it was about 6 feet away. I couldn’t believe it! But I’m thankful. I did, however, while searching ask  God to help me find it. I believe he did. I had been looking for days and had not found it!

I’ll keep you informed about the week as we go! Thanks for checking in for this late Sunday night report! Hope your weekend was great!

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