Sunday Night Ruminations & News

My Sunday is nearing an end as I get ready for a (prayerfully) good night’s sleep. We had one fantastically beautiful day on the Gulf Coast. It got down to about 40 last night, and close to 70 today. A clear blue canopy stretched over our day, with not a cloud in the sky. We had a good number in services this morning with community visitors and hurricane relief workers. Our friends the Scruggs’ from Eva, AL were back. They have been here so often we’ve lost count. We also had the first few workers from Faith and Works Ministry come in. Two are from Kentucky, and Butch is from Virginia. The rest should arrive late tonight, including Lance Ladd. Lance will speak for us Wednesday night. In both worship and Bible class the focus was on Philippians 1, and there was a good response to the messages.

This afternoon I fell asleep for a while watching the Atlanta / Cleveland football game. Then we went to the Boswell’s for our Family Fellowship time. We had a good meeting and Butch Dillenger shared some of of his life story with us. He is very inspirational as he talks about how in God’s mercy he was recsued from his life of sin. He shed tears when he talked about how quickly people in this world are dying without Jesus. His mission works typcially carry him to Mexico, but he decided to join this trip to the Gulf Coast. Butch preaches for a church in Virginia, and is a talkative and likable brother I enjoyed meeting today.

Tonight we had some conversation with Maggy’s sister and cousin, who will return to the Delta in the morning. They have spent the weekend helping Maggy decorate some in the house. Things are looking good, and we are thankful for their input and help.

A few news items that caught my attention today …

Would you change your name to win an election? Ask Andy Griffith! More corrupt things than this have taken place to secure the winner’s seat!

Did you ever stick your head in a plastic pumpkin and get it stuck? Well, there was this deer, see…and he stuck his face right into that jack-o-lantern…and it wouldn’t come off. News is reporting now that the deer has rid himself of his unintended halloween mask, but may suffer further consequences. Maybe he should use the same counselor as Rudolph…. they wouldn’t play games with him after that red nose incident.

Dobson to Haggard: I really don’t have time to help you. Genuine reason … or not wanting to be closely associated with the fallen leader?

Hurricane Katrina Mississippi Recovery Update: FEMA

Happy People Are Healthier. Doesn’t the Bible tell us something like that?

Worst Mosquito Outbreak On The Coast In A Decade.

Bond is Back. Any 007 fans out there? Who is your favorite Bond, and what’s your favorite Bond movie? It’s really hard to pick. I like Goldfinger and Dr. No probably the best. Although some of the newer ones are more action packed, I think they have less mystery. 

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