Sunday Night on the Coast

We had a good day at Central today. I’ll let you know when the podcast of the sermon is up … probably sometime in the morning. My message was on the subject, “Creating An Open Door Church“. It is along the lines of my recent reading of ‘No Perfect People Allowed’. It felt so funny to be in an auditorium that actually had floors and carpet. Wow! 

This afternoon we were able to hook up the cable to our projector and watch the football game between New Orleans and Chicago. I’ve already gotten a few sympathy notes on my previous post…thanks, guys! Someone asked me today why I suddenly turned into a football fan. Really, I’ve always been a Saints fan. There just hasn’t been anything worth getting excited about for the past few decades. This season was different and I give them a big saaaaalute for doing a great job. Even though they were a bit butterfingers in this game, they did have to deal with inclimate weather and biased referees. Yes, I’m going to go there without sour grapes, but just acknowledging the fact. For a moment, though, while Reggie Bush cruised down the field and did his little touchdown flip, New Orleans fans lit up with hope. However, it was short lived.

We had a good devotional following the game with a discussion from a passage in Jude.

This week looks to be a busy one. We will be preparing for a Community Bible Class next week. We will be making phone calls and visits to those we hope will come to the class. We also will be placing ads in media outlets. Pray for Mrs. Ruth’s husband, Willie, who will have spinal surgery tomorrow. Pray for Johnny Ford’s wife, Cheryl, as she has a brain surgery scheduled for Wednesday. My mother will have cataract surgery Wednesday as well. Those who have been down here will know some of these folks.

Lisa tagged me in her latest post. It’s neat that Lisa and I bumped into each other in blogworld. Her husband and I went to Camp Smiling Acres together when we were kids. So now she asks for Five Things No One Knows About Me. This is kind of hard because I have such an e-life that I think everyone knows pretty much everything about me. But here we go …. maybe there’s a few things you don’t know.

1. I am scared of heights. I get dizzy when I stand on a chair and change a light bulb. I do not ride roller coasters. I have gotten on the roof before, but I cannot get down on my own.

2. I am a candle maniac. I usually have one burning in my office. I make the rounds through my house lighting them in the afternoons. I love the way they smell and look.

3. I miss my truck. I waited for years to buy my first truck. It was not a power-truck. It was just a GMC Sonoma … red … almost paid for when it was covered in saltwater. I haven’t made a big deal out of it and I can’t do anything about it right now financially…but I miss my truck.

4. I do not like turnip greens. People in Mississippi look at you funny if you turn down the greens. ick. Another veggie I will not eat: cauliflower.

5. I took my son fishing one time … without a hook on his line. Yes, I’m confessing. Now that he is 17 and probably does not remember anyway, I will let the world know. He wanted to go fishing so bad, and I’m a jinx when it comes to fishing. (All of the contents of one of Danny Dodd’s tackle boxes is hanging in a tree on the edge of the Ross Barnet Resivoir.) But little JR did enjoy throwing the line out and reeling it in. He liked being outside. He was probably only three or four years old. And I hate handling wet slimy fish (and that’s the only kind there are!). However, his paw paw Harold has taken him fishing in a real Louisiana bayou, so he’s good to go.

I don’t think my list is all that interesting. Ah well. Now that I have that off of my chest, I have to ‘tag’ five other bloggers with this silliness. I will probably choose someone who has already been tagged…but…here goes. To list five things about yourself that no one knows, I tag….

Bobby Cohoon (who I think will have a lot of fun with this)

Chris Lockhart (the only way to get him to post is to tag him!)

Gary Kirkendall (who will love this, he’s such a private person … and no, Gary, that can’t be one of your five things.)

Seth Simmons (someone I do not know as well as I would like to)

Bobby Ross (Editor of the Christian Chronicle, ace reporter, and all around good guy.)

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