God’s Intricate Plan
Today…a Savior has been born to you; he is Christ the Lord. Luke 2:11

 In our familiarity with the record of the birth of the Christ child, it is easy to become a bit blasé about the whole thing. It all sounds so matter-of-fact and the details can become dull to our jaded eyes. Be careful that you do not miss the wonder and majesty of God’s intricate plan as you read these Gospel accounts. This event did not happen in a capricious manner, but as a part of an eternal plan designed to save humans from themselves. 

A simple reading through the genealogy of Jesus’ family tree will reveal the work of God in bringing Him to the human race. Study the prophecies of the coming Messiah. Notice the details about the situation of the times into which Jesus made his appearance. Did you see the story of Elizabeth and Zechariah? What about Anna the prophetess? Simeon who’s only desire was to see the arrival of the Anointed One?  Consider faithful Joseph, engaged to a woman bearing a child that was not his. In the Spirit’s power the impossible becomes a reality as a virgin gives birth.

All of these elements tell us that God has been at work on this project for a very long time. And if God has this beautiful wondrous eternal plan, which is still ongoing, it certainly tells us something.

God’s Intricate Plan Tells Us That He Loves Us. No other explanation will do! God spent such enormous effort and oversight over this process because He cares so deeply for you. Your life matters to Him; your soul matters to Him.

God’s Intricate Plan Tells Us That God Moves Beyond Our Understanding. How mysterious all of this really is! I’m sure Joseph had a list of questions a mile long. Maybe you do, too. Faith is what calls us to believe that which we cannot know on our own. I have a feeling that what we know about the gift of eternal life through Jesus only scratches the surface of what could be known. So when you wonder where God is, never doubt that He is working on your behalf in unknown ways.

God’s Intricate Plan Tells Us That God is Sovereign. He is all-powerful and in control. The path to the manger was only a step away from the journey to Calvary. From Calvary to the Father’s side, Jesus could not be delayed. Upon His return all wrongs will be corrected. God’s plan did not end in Bethlehem or Jerusalem.

God’s plan does not begin or end with the Christmas story. It was, however, a beautiful part of His mysterious and intricate will.