Summer Strategy


Have you prepared a Summer Strategy?

Summertime is the season of recreation, fun, vacations, baseball and relaxation in America. Every child awaits summer so as to be free of the daily schedule of school and nightly homework! There is something about summer that suggests we ought to enjoy ourselves and take time for togetherness and family experiences. If we are not careful the few months of summer will evaporate too quickly and the time will have flown away from us too swiftly.

I want to encourage you to formulate a summer strategy. Proverbs 30:25 suggests we take a look at the ant, which is small yet “extremely wise”. Why? The proverb says, “The ants are not a strong people, yet they store up their food in the summer.” The ant has a summer strategy – he is preparing for the days ahead. How will you use your summer in preparation for the days to come? Here are some thoughts that might spark some ideas for you and your family.

Spend some time with a neighbor. While we pray for the world to be won for Christ, are there people within shouting distance that we have neglected to get to know?

Laugh with your children. Life can be so intense and for families with children there are extra challenges while school is out. Don’t let the stress of daily life rob you of spending time and enjoying a smile with the precious gift of your own children.

Look for opportunity to serve. Escape the focus on self and instead look for those who are needy around us. What can you do to share the love of Christ with someone around you? It doesn’t have to be a big organized event! A hug. A donation. Volunteered hours.

Fellowship often with your church family. Maybe invite a friend from church over for supper or to play games. Building relationships with fellow Christians gives us supports and blessings in difficult days that could be ahead.

Remember Christian responsibilities. When you take off on your trips, remember that the church back home has the same expenses while you’re gone! Your contribution is needed. Your presence is needed when you’re in town. Your gifts are needed in the church.

What is your summer strategy? Let the ant teach us to plan ahead!

Thanks for reading, JD.

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