Why do we always want more stuff? We not only move outside of God’s fences (laws / graces) but we also continue to self-medicate by acquiring more stuff. When I recently broke my iPod, there was not a question about whether or not to get a new one … but which model to get. It never ends! And though I cannot confess to envy (I enjoy it when my friends get stuff too!), when my friends get stuff it inflames my desire to get stuff too!

Such as when Chris called me just before picking up one of these last week:

Or as I’m driving along in Monroe this weekend Les calls to share with me his joy in purchasing one of these:

Why can’t I be more like Danny, who is satisfied with one of these:

OK, well, maybe Danny’s truck isn’t quite like that one, but you get the point. He’s happy with it. There’s no monthly note. It runs good. It looks pretty good (trying not to stretch here)… but you know … it gets terrible gas mileage. But he’s happy with it. Content.

Danny’s not above liking stuff like the rest of us, but he’s got a better handle on contentment than I do. Of course he’s older, and maybe when I’m as old as he is I’ll be content as well.

Stuff. This is not about Chris’ new iPhone or Les’ new Focus … they are both men who serve others 24/7 and have given much to others. They use what they have to bless others.

Some have stuff out of necessity and good financial stewardship. Some have to have stuff because it’s new stuff. I can fall into that trap too easily. Especially new books – that I do not have time to read because of the other books I’ve accumulated. But I wonder why we are so focused on stuff that will be a pile of ashes just before the new heavens and new earth emerges?

And while I’m thinking about it … I wonder why we can become consumed with stuff (I’m talking about me, not Chris, Les, nor Danny) and the accumulation of it … when there are people in our neighborhood…city…nation…world … who need some stuff just to survive. Stuff like clothing, blankets, food, shoes, basic medications. While I’ve been unhappy that my home has been in disrepair for a month and it is such an inconvenience, I can still be in it and sleep in my bed. On my pillow. Which is fairly new.

It’s one thing to be a rich American (by world standards) and feel some guilt about stuff, knowing some really hurting people having less than nothing. It’s another thing to try to figure out how to make a difference in the life of another person. I’m not sure I have any answers beyond the typical things that come to mind.

So what are some of your answers?


Goodbye Brett! Brett Farve is retiring after 17 seasons. He is a Mississippi Coast boy who set the football world on fire. Sports pundits are putting him in the top ten quarterbacks of all time. Well done, Brett. Except that last toss … what in the world…


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