Stormy Monday

Today the weather in North Lousiana (and in a lot of other places) is about to turn sour. There are weather warnings out to our West. Maggy and I will likely try to leave ahead of the storms to get back to the Coast.



I was watching Jurassic Park a few weeks ago (for the hundredth time!). Something that caught my attention was the discussion about the electric fences throughout the park. The T-Rex would walk along the perimeter checking out the fence and looking for a way to go beyond it. That’s why when the fences were turned off it wasn’t long before T-Rex found his way past them. Fast forward to a few days ago. One year old grandson Blake is speedy on his feet for such a little one. So at his home the couch, love seat, and play pen are arranged in such a way as to block him into an area where he can waddle around freely. However, if someone moves the playpen to come in and sit down – and forgets to move the playpen back into place – it is only a matter of seconds before he is gleefully running down the hall! He is keenly aware of the one way out and watches for opportunities to escape!

I kinda think that T-Rex and Baby Blake are telling us something about our nature. Given opportunity, we are all liable to attempt to move outside of the fences. Adam and Even had only one law,¬†and when the door was opened they willingly walked outside the fence. And that’s where God put them as a result – outside the fence. The grace of God provides structure and framework for our lives (fences), but how often do we happen upon an opportunity to step outside the fences and wander outside of His will? Why do we want to get outside that fence so badly? Isn’t it our experience that this is a painful step?

I’d like to hear your reflections on this thought.


A cool video for today. HT: Jason Bybee


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