Stormy Days


As those who follow me on Twitter and FaceBook know, these have been a stormy few days for Maggy and I.  Friday morning I awakened with a cellulitis attack in my leg. This recurring problem is true misery. Even though I immediately went to the doctor and have had seven days of antibiotics, I remain with a red and sore leg. Hopefully a call to the doc will get me farther down the road. I’ve been trying to stay off of my leg, which meant that I missed preaching Sunday. Jason Barnard filled in for me both Sunday and Wednesday. I’m going to have to buy him lunch soon for all of that extra work!

Wednesday Maggy and I were so excited to be starting new mens and womens classes at Forsythe. She typically does not enjoy teaching adults, but had gotten some material she was excited about. Wednesday aftenroon, however, we received a phone call that her dad was having a heart attack. We spent the time we needed to in order to get our clothes together, get the dog boarded, and head to Jackson to meet the rest of the family. The doctor did not give us much hope Wednesday night, indicating that dad had congestive heart failure and there wasn’t much he could do.

I had already put the word out to start praying. Twitter and FaceBook friends throughout the world began to pray on behalf of Maggy’s dad. We were bracing ourselves for the worst. Thursday morning, after draining a lot of fluid off of dad’s body, he was breathing easier. The doctor’s tone changed and he told us that he was responding well to the treatment. While the family is gathered at the hospital, I’m in the hotel with my leg propped up.

That’s when I got the call that Maggy’s mother had fallen in the hospital cafeteria. Since she is recovering from two broken hips, we were afraid her hip may be broken again. Once again the call was sounded forth for prayers and so many of you began to pray yet again.

By Thursday night we had news that there was no broken bone for Maggy’s mom, she’s just a little sore. And the doctor is talking about putting dad in a regular room perhaps even today. Wow… big changes in a short time!

Of course dad is not out of the woods yet, he is only somewhat better. But I am so thankful for so many people praying for our family during these stormy days. Today we hope to head back to Monroe. I’m sure Maggy will be coming back to Jackson, maybe even this afternoon.  We are supposed to see the grandkids this weekend … not sure how all of this changes any of those plans.

Well,as we head into a holiday weekend, I pray you will all be safe. I’m glad to be an American, and I have no guilt nor shame in the best things this country has to offer. In our darkest days and in our greatest struggles I’m still glad to be in my homeland. I do not look down on other countries, but I’m thankful to be a part of mine.

Thanks for reading and praying … please keep on praying for us. I’ll keep you posted!


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