Still Enough To Hear


Still by Reuben Morgan, Hillsong Church, Australia

Hide me now
Under your wings
Cover me
within your mighty hand

When the oceans rise and thunders roar
I will soar with you above the storm
Father you are king over the flood
I will be still and know you are God

Find rest my soul
In Christ alone
Know his power
In quietness and trust

STILL became sort of a theme song for me after the storm. It appeared on one of the Zoe Worship CDs, and that’s where I heard it first. Hillsongs  artist Reuben Morgan is the author of the words and music. Just look at the words. They are the perfect encouragement for the Katrina-damaged Coast. It is only through the power of God – most often displayed through the incredible talents of His amazing volunteer force – that we have been able to recover. At almost 14 months since the storm, we look forward to hosting groups from South Carolina (second visit) and Oklahoma this weekend.  One of my brother’s friends just came to Pascagoula for six weeks in a work assignment. He is from Texas and says he didn’t realize there was so much reconstruction going on here. We have said from the beginning that no one around the nation knows about Pascagoula, but it still catches me by surprise. In all of the things we deal with here, we continue to learn the truth that we must be still enough to hear God’s voice.

I have a short speaking trip with some open spots coming up soon. Here are some of those open spots, and if you would like to have me come and report about what’s happening here in the recovery effort, I would be happy to do so. Just contact me ASAP!

October 29th PM In the Atlanta area

November 1st somewhere between Atlanta, GA and Chatanooga, TN

November 5 PM in the Athens, TN area

Thanks to friends and fellow bloggers Dee Andrews, Tommy Stewart and Donna Gossett I have been invited to participate in the GraceNotes blog. I have received invitations before, but just felt I could even think about doing it. I admire the other writers who are associated with that blog and I am grateful for one more invitation to contribute there. Now to come up with something worthwhile to post there!

What’s going on at Central? Glad you asked. We had a great worship time yesterday which included some volunteers from the Berry’s Chapel Church of Christ in Franklin, TN. This was their first trip to Pascagoula and we hope they return. I preached from Acts 15, but have not posted it to the podcast yet.  (Actually I have a software issue between my digital recorder and the computer … I’ll get it resolved at some point!) Unfortunately during the service I began to feel ill, fever was taking hold and nausea began to come in waves. I made it through the sermon and class and went home to lay down for the rest of the day without much relief. One good thing that made me feel better was the awesome win the Saints accomplished in the last 3 seconds of the game! It’s our year, folks! There’s something healing about our team doing so well. But not healing to my body. I’ll see the doctor tomorrow morning. Sunday evening about 18 of our folks went over and worshiped with the Gautier Church of Christ. On third Sunday nights we are visiting area churches. Dorice Mitchell is the minister for that church. He was at Central for about 30 years…so it was good for us to visit with an old friend.

Today was a rainy day on the Coast, so the work inside the building progressed. Elsie England painted some of the walls in the foyer. Elaine Kilbern and Jim Ingram scrubbed glass panels from the lighting fixtures in the auditorium. An electrician working with England Construction fixed our lights on the side (that haven’t worked since the storm), began replacing ballasts, and sealing up a place in the lighting area that should have been sealed when it was installed.  Maybe others were there to help, but those are the ones I know about. I always hate to mention names because I know I’ll leave out someone who deserves a mention.

A couple of elderly ladies we have helped since the storm invited David and Elaine Kilbern to a revival at Riverside Baptist Church tonight. They chose to visit and enjoyed seeing many people that we have helped in the past year. Several of those present expressed their gratitude for the Central Church of Christ and for David’s work. This was even expressed from the pulpit during the assembly. I’m glad that David was able to be encouraged by that. We will never really know what an impact we are having on this community.

I’ve got a lot of things on my mind to post here this week. I want to continue my thoughts about the church from the previous post. I also want to post my review of Chapter 4 of Kingdom Come. I’m sorry I’ve been so long about that. I also want to do reviews of two new CDs that I recently purchased. I’m breaking out in a sweat thinking about all of that! I better get busy! But, sometime I’ve got to be Still Enough To Hear!

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