Staying Cool This Summer? They’re Not.

UPDATE: $9,000 $6,000 needed!


The Hemley Road Church of Christ in Bayou LaBatre, AL came about as a direct result of  relief efforts after Hurricane Katrina.   It is a perfect example of how providing physical needs of people in crisis can open the door to also providing for their spiritual needs and teaching them about the good news of Jesus Christ.

That is exactly what has happened in Bayou La Batre.  Dozens of churches across the country  have donated their time, work and funds to both the  hurricane repair and recovery  efforts and to the establishment of this new church.  As a result a new church was born that has continued to thrive and grow, despite all odds.

They are currently having an attendance of anywhere from 50 to 80 people on Sunday.  They are bringing in about 25 kids at each service (using donated vans). This week they will take 19 kids to church camp in south Texas (sponsored by members of the El Campo church whose elders serve as advisors and overseers of the Hemley Rd. church).  The lives of these very underprivileged kids will be changed forever by being associated with other Christians who will love them unconditionally.

There have been more than 20 baptisms in this little church over the past few months.  Two people, Lisa and Jeremy, came to bring their kids to the VBS last summer that David Bromley (Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ) and the jr. high kids conducted.  Royce Ogle studied with them in October  and then baptized them – and they have become active, working, giving members of the church.

The church has also held 2 GriefShare sessions for the community.  They have a fully stocked food pantry and provide food to hungry people every week.  They continue to host work crews from churches across the country who come to help with the home repair and clean up that is still ongoing after the hurricane.

The Hemley Rd. church is active, growing, and serving.  New (mainly unchurched) people visit every week.  But there is a great need . The church auditorium is not air conditioned.  And, needless to say, it is very hot on the Alabama coast in the summer.   It will be a challenge for people to attend services in a building with no cool air.

They have gotten a bid of $9000 from a local contractor to install the a/c.  This is his cost – no labor.

Some Christians somewhere are needed to provide the funds for this project.

If you have any questions, Royce and Carol Ogle will be happy to answer them. They make four trips a year to visit and serve with this church.  The Hemley Rd. church is truly a ‘light on the hill’ in south Alabama.

To make a contribution, contact Carol Ogle, Relief Ministry Coordinator, White’s Ferry Rd. Church of Christ.

White’s Ferry Rd. Church of Christ
3201 N. 7th St.
West Monroe, LA 71291
(318) 396-6000
Don Yelton, Director
Carol Ogle, Ministry Coordinator

PS: The majority of this text was written by Carol Ogle… I edited to accomodate publication to the blog. See her husband’s blog on the same subject HERE.

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