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Ray Stevens – Mississippi Squirrel Revival

Just after we accepted the ministry in Pascagoula we took a group of teens to the Youth Evangelism Seminar in West Monroe at Whites Ferry Road Church of Christ. I loved those events. Anyhoo, whenever we met someone new they always wanted to know where we were from … so I would tell them, and then inform them that we were moving to Pascagoula. Invariably they would smile and mention the song above. Of course I had already heard of the song, but it soon became the thing for people to say when I told them where I lived. I’ve threatened to get a concrete yard art squirrel and put it on the stage with me. Now I’m moving to Monroe and all my friend Danny does is sing, “Monroe Louisiana is a Beer Drinking Town” – some song he heard years ago. But according to THIS BLOG POST, Danny’s not the only one who has ever heard that song. Interestingly, the song seems to have disappeared (read the post!). Ah well, I know two people have heard it.

And now for something David White sent me but I neglected over the past few weeks. I’ll let you read it and decide if you want to send a ‘late’ birthday card. I think it would be appreciated:

LOTS & LOTS of Birthday cards for Andy. We are members at the North Warren congregation in Warren Michigan. My son Andy has been ill his entire life. He was not expected to celebrate a first birthday. Perhaps it is because of this that his birthday has always been the most important day of the year to him. He will be 18 on January 31st. Five years ago I sought a way to make Andy’s 13th birthday extra special. I wrote to or emailed about 100 congregations around the U.S. asking for cards. Some of the churches passed on my request to other congregations. The response was TERRIFIC! It was up-lifting for the whole family. Maybe you were among those that sent Andy a card five years ago. If so, Thank You! And you may be interested to know that Andy has kept every card & note he received. Andy chose to put on Christ later that year. It sure takes alot of planning to baptize a person that’s attached to a Ventilator, and has extra openings in his body, not to mention numerous other obstacles. The 18th birthday is a special one for each of us. When you have to endure 1000’s of infections, millions of seizures and nearly 100 surgical procedures to get there, it’s extra special. If you would like more information about Andy I encourage you to check out his website at www.noblepatches.com. It’s all about Andy and his obsession with Law Enforcement, Fire Fighting and Emergency Medical services and his desire to help others. Please take a few moments to send Andy a birthday card for this very special birthday. Cards can be send to Andy Noble at 29045 Dembs Dr. Roseville, Michigan 48066 Thank You! In Christ, Laurie Noble

Today I’ve gotten two e-mails filled with misinformation. First it was about the horrors of an Obama administration – and why we should vote against him. It’s a free country – everyone’s welcome to their opinion. However, if you’re going to make accusations, make them real! I also received an e-mail about the new presidential dollar coins coming out – and how our nation’s motto is not on them. Not so. I haven’t heard about Penny Brown in a long time, but I got her picture and the email about her last week. I first got it years ago – but it is always sent as an urgent message. Please please please … before passing along something like that, do the right thing and check it out at the wonderful resource called SNOPES. Bookmark that site and use it before sending out anything else. I tell you who will thank you. It’s the guy who woke up in the middle of the night on a park bench with a pain in his back, only to find stitches along his right side – his kidney is now missing. So he called the police on a payphone, but when he retrieved his change a needle stuck him. It had a note on it that said, “ha ha now you have AIDS”. In a panic he tried to drive to the hospital, but he accidentally flashed his lights at someone and turns out he did it in such a way that he flagged down some gang members. He got away, and to celebrate he stopped at a convience store and bought some pop rocks and a coke, which killed him like Mikey. When they found him there was a bloody hook hanging on the outside doorknob of his car. That guy – he will thank you.

Free Money? I’m both skeptical and gullible. Bad combo. Anyhoo, check this out:

Check Out Blingo

Blingo is the search engine that gives away prizes every day like movie tickets, iTunes gift certificates, plasma TVs, and even a Ford Mustang, just for doing what you already do: search the Internet. It’s like Google or Yahoo with a bonus. It’s even powered by Google. You can also invite your friends to use Blingo, and when one of them wins a prize, you win the same prize. That’s why I’m inviting you! Just click this link to register. It’s free and it only takes a minute. Use the following link if you’re my friend:


I learned about blingo at Josh Clark’s super interesting site. Josh’s internet claim to fame is the free stuff he has accumulated. Scroll down that page for a list. Now he has spent some money but the return is pretty big. Anyway, I’m loving reading about it. If I can use Blingo to search for stuff and maybe win a $500 gift card, why not? A running list of winners and the last winner is always on the site.

I’ll be back later…I’m gonna go search for stuff. Hey…if you use the link above to sign up and you win something I’ll win it too. And if you don’t, we’ll have fun laughing at our own silliness. According to the current note on the site, Blingo gave away 48 prizes yesterday and 2,601 prizes in the past 30 days.  If we both win a Mustang, everyone who doubted will kick themselves!

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