In 1970 Ali McGraw looked into the face of Ryan O’Neal and said words that became an Amercan catch-phrase: Love means never having to say you’re sorry. It’s a great sentiment, but I’m not sure anybody really buys it. A few years later in the hilarious What’s Up Doc? Barbra Streisand repeats the famous line from Love Story. O’Neal says, “That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard.”

An apology, an expression of sorrow over something said or done, is an essential part of any relationship. John Lennon was probably more correct when he said, “Love means having to say you’re sorry every fifteen minutes“. There’s a part of us, though, that judges whether or not the person apologizing really means what they say. Perhaps they are just trying to get out of an uncomfortable situation and an apology seems a painless way to do it. Maybe we’ve all done that and that’s why we are suspicious of others.

So is Don Imus really sorry or what? Who knows! The man has spent 30 years mumbling satirical commentary on CBS radio.  Yesterday’s big news was that Don Imus was fired.  Everyone has their opinion on whether or not this is appropriate action. The dollar spoke even louder than Al Sharpton when all of Imus’ sponsors pulled out and left him hanging.  Although I think what Imus said was uncalled for, I wonder if Sharpton ever watches Comedy Central or the comedy shows on Black Entertainment Television? Why no uproar and calling for firings over those networks and the cable systems that host them?  So a humorist with a comment made in bad taste is fired. After multiple apologies and humiliating himself, he still got the axe. What was he supposed to do? Has anyone out there ever uttered something and then thought, ‘oh crap I shouldn’t have said that’? (Like when a preacher uses the word ‘crap’?) I think there are much worse things said every day on cable television and those who say them are still employed.   It is simply media hypocrisy. Of course, Imus will turn up on sattellite radio if he chooses. I’m sure Howard Stern is sweating that (not)!

One of the best commentaries I’ve read on the matter is here: Jason Whitlock on Don Imus. This is not in defense of Don Imus. I’m not a fan. But he’s not the only one apologizing.

Mike Nifong’s apology to the Duke Lacross players lacked some sincerity if you ask me. “To the extent that I made judgments that ultimately proved to be incorrect, I apologize to the three students that were wrongly accused.” It reminded me of seeing people respond to the invitation at church and say, “If I have done anything to offend anyone, I’m sorry.” IF? What are you doing here if you don’t know? Anyway … that whole Duke thing has really taken a u-turn eh? I like Dee Andrews’ comments on the matter and agree with her. These guys are not heroes just because Nifong is a rogue prosecutor (if that’s what he is … we must always distrust the media!). They were at a wild party with strippers … they have no moral ground upon which to be lifted up! I’m glad they are not rapists … but hey … they are no paragons of virtue either.

I also heard on the news today that Larry King is being asked to apologize to those with alzheimer’s disease because of an off-hand self-depricating remark. I wonder if every talking head in the media should end every sentence with: if that offended you, I’m deeply sorry. Everyone wants an apology … but it never is enough. It doesn’t solve anything. If we think Al Sharpton is through demanding apologies, think again! This is just gasoline on the fire. Since he has a daily radio program, shouldn’t he issue an apology for demanding so many apologies and disrupting people’s lives … costing a fellow broadcaster his job … and also damaging the lives of many children who are enriched at Imus’ ranch for children with cancer? Perhaps Sharpton will take up the financial loss to the ranch? I doubt it. He should apologize to those children. Oops, now I’m demanding an apology!

Jesus Christ is Lord of heaven and earth. His is the only name by which men must be saved. That’s an offensive statement to some. Should I say I’m sorry? I think not.

Anyway, sorry to be on this topic this morning. Not that you demanded the apology. This is getting to be too much.


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