Sorry For That!


This blog was recently blacklisted by Google and it is possible that when you visited you received a warning about malware being present on this site. This seems to be an ongoing problem, and I apologize for that. In an attempt to close the hole allowing some spammer / malware / hacker (I really don’t know which term to use) I have changed to a more updated theme, removed all plugins except for Akismet and Jetpack. The Audio tab is no longer available for that reason (my sermons can still be heard on our church website HERE.) This is what webhost Branchweaver (see link in column on right) suggested.

Anyway, I apologize if you came here and found that kind of malware threat. I hope and pray that you did not click on any links popping up here …or anywhere on the net … that you are not sure about. Please, if you see a malware warning or some odd pop up here, message or email me immediately so I can take care of it. It is an easy fix, if I’m aware of it. My hope is that we ┬áhave closed the loop and that this particular bug will be squashed. I’m sure another will come along at some point.

Now that Google has given us their graces again (and if you do not use Chrome, you may have never noticed), I hope we can keep things at a better pace here. Thanks for reading.

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