Somewhere in Time

For the past two weeks Maggy and I have enjoyed the mountains and activities to be found in Pigeon Forge, TN. It was time for both of us to get away, and the relief of pressure was good for the soul and heart. The Autumn colors were beautiful throughout the area. We only had to take one step outdoors to breathe in the air, see the beauty, and experience┬árejuvenation. Just in case there are one or two of you who’d like to see some of the pictures we took in the area, they are located HERE.

On our way to the mountains we crossed over a time zone, and lost an hour. I was unaware of exactly when this happened. Add to that the fact that the day we left was the day following the change into Daylight Savings Time. Now add that the iPhone did not update automatically (which also serves as my timepiece). The truth is that I never knew what time it was for the entire two weeks. I had to keep asking, double checking, and ultimately remain confused. Other than being at church on time on Sunday, I had no schedule to keep anyhow. Still, it was a bit disorienting not having a good sense of the time. I was glad when I got back into Central time and knew that the world was aright. (Seriously, if ANY political candidate will vow to eradicate Daylight Savings Time, he or she has my vote. That is a ludicrous leftover from a society of yesteryear. OK, got that out of my system.)

Now it’s time to pay attention to time. The break was needed, and effective. There are only a few weeks left in this year. Then we will begin all over again. Between now and then there is a flurry of activity. The hours will pass quickly. If I understand those who are older than me, time doesn’t slow down later… it just passes more swiftly than before. One day we will be somewhere out of the reach of time. Will be be happy for the way we used the gift placed in our hands?


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