So Enough Ruminating, Is There A Plan?

Yes I admit to ruminating over this whole weight-loss dilemma. I maintain that it is important to think about what you’re doing before you do it. Having accomplished that and written it down for whomever to see (which is cathartic for me and hopefully helpful to someone else), it is time to have a little less conversation and a lot more action. So, for me, today was day 1. Again.

Lose It! Is a program/website/app I’ve used in the past with success and that’s what I’m doing now. (Anyone else using it?) It allows you to input your current weight, age, etc. and then a goal weight. It then figures out for you how many calories a day you can eat and still lose weight (theoretically). You enter in everything that you eat. This can be challenging, but it is something that can be done. I bought the Lose It! book last time I started this. It is helpful if you’ve never been on a diet / weight loss program, but for experts like me it was just ok.

There is a social element to Lose It! You can connect up and observe menus, weight losses … and of course encourage if there is a day without ¬†any foods entered.

I wanted to post something to let you know I’m not just sitting here in angst… I am doing something about it.

If you’re doing something else, feel free to share it. By the way, the first day went great.

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