Snow Day, Interview, Etc.

2015-02-25 12.59.41

It was a rare snowy day in North Louisiana. I take most forecasts for snow with a grain of salt, but this one came through! I’d say about three inches fell in midtown Monroe. The temps are hovering just above the freezing mark, so it’s melting and will refreeze as nightfall comes.

A good while back Brian Humek wanted to interview me for his Got Interviews website. I kept the questions in my inbox for so long I thought he’d forgotten. Then he would remind me and for some reason I’d delay. So on a snowy day cooped up in the house I decided to answer his questions. You can read the interview HERE. I appreciate the interest, especially given the other interviews on the site. Don’t know how I rated to be on there with them, but thanks Brian! I think you owe me a piece of pie! I might have let you off the hook if it was money, but not pie!

I’ve been trying to stave off a pretty good cold for the past several days. But in spite of a steroid shot, antibiotics, and my own brand of self-medication it seems persistent. It might have to just run its course I guess.

If you’re having a snowed-in day or just wanting something interesting to read, I recommend the following links …

Dr. Tim Gunnells has two recent posts on developing spirituality. One is called Earnestly I Seek You and the other is called Pursuing God Through Bible Reading and Meditation.

Lisa Preuett’s reflective writing about the Branches of Humility reminds us that in the stark days of winter there is hope to be found.

Hope you are having a great day and thanks for reading. JD

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