Slow Going

I’m trying not to make too big of a deal about this surgery… but still I think I have told everyone I know. This cast has certainly slowed me down. I’ve had several admonitions from the well-intentioned not to hurt my left hand by typing too much. I reckon that the news of carpal tunnel syndrome already existing in my left hand hasn’t made the rounds yet! Yes, I will need to do the other hand next! But I expect that to be easier.

 I should be able to unveil a neat new outreach here in Pascagoula on this blog soon. I have alerted a few of you already. I’m awaiting a confirmation before moving ahead.

 Here’s a discussion question for you:  If our “church buildings” reflected the heart and mission of Christ, what would they look like? (And we know that the term ‘church building’ is an oxymoron.)

Tomorrow night (Thursday) we have a camp board meeting. I believe Maggy will chauffer me there…early enough to eat at Chevron truck stop I’m sure. Come join us! Friday I have two doctor’s appointments. One, a vascular specialist to look at my leg. Then to the surgeon for a post-op visit.

I was going to read some of my favorite blogs tonight, but blogger was down. Lesson learned, folks! It’s hard to leave links right now, so those will return along with the use of my right hand. I will leave you, though, with a traditional but powerful song by the Gaither Vocal Band. Guy Penrod is an awesome vocalist…and, yes, I’m jealous of his hair. 


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