Sleepy Sunday Afternoon

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Pics From Our Life This Weekend

This is, to me, the perfect Sunday afternoon. After a busy weekend, we are able to rest. I took a quick trip to see my mother and dad on Friday. Saturday I worked in my yard. It’s prom weekend, so my son and his girlfriend duded up to go to the prom. It was also Mother’s Day today, so we grilled some steaks and had our daughter and son in law and kidsĀ over. Now everyone’s gone their own way. The sky is cloudy. There are occasional rumbles of thunder. A rain shower erupts every now and then. We have no evening services tonight … so it really is the perfect Sundya afternoon. I took a short nap, but didn’t want to sleep away the quiet afternoon. I want to be awake to enjoy this!

I know it sounds anti-spiritual to be happy we do not have an evening service tonight. I don’t know how it is for everyone else…but for me as the preacher, a Sunday evening service means spending Sunday afternoon finishing up a lesson, doing power point, possibly running off a handout, and fretting because most people do not return for Sunday night services. I think in most churches there is a reduced number on Sunday evenings … in a small church that reduced number becomes a dozen or less. JI think our families need many more restful Sunday afternoons together. Besides, I’ll be leading a 2 hour meeting tomorrow night … so there’s not slacking here … just thanksgiving for a sabbath.

My sermon on Hannah was well received today. I talked about her perseverance under the hurtful and mean spirit of her husbands other wife (the Bible says this went on year after year). I also discussed her prayer for a child, and her promise to give him to the Lord. Then I read her prayer in 1 Samuel 2 … a praise offered up to the God who turns everything upside down – administering justice and raising those who have been stepped on. David Kilbern bought roses for all the grandmothers and mothers … but when he presented them he did so without mentioning his good deed. So I will brag on him here. The Kilberns are known throughout this community for their concern and care for the elderly.

The group from Arkansas is here and we look forward to a super week together. I’m not sure what they did this afternoon, but I think it had to do with delivering some furniture to some families. If I’m not wrong, this furniture maker in North Carolina prepares the furniture specifically to give to families he has found. Last time he delivered here, things got out of hand. A crowd gathered and people got away with things that didn’t belong to them. This time he asked us to handle the distribution, so I do not expect any problems.

HERE look for a link to a photo journal of the National Day of Prayer. I’m in two of the pictures, but you’ll have to look hard!

Man sings while being presented with his new home, courtesy of 100 Homes in 100 Days.

Warehouse of appliances for flood victims robbed. Operation TLC disheartened at the crime.

Residents Worship in Tornado Torn Town.

Stamp prices go up Monday. Really, who can complain? You write a letter. Throw a 41 cent stamp on it. It goes through several sets of hands to arrive on the doorstep of someone thousands of miles away, and it brightens their day. You couldn’t get there for 41 cents! I think it’s still one of the greatest bargains in the world!

Preparing families and their loved ones for Hurricane Season.

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