Six Hours One February

dentistA few weeks ago I knew I had broken a tooth, although thankfully it didn’t hurt. So I visited the dentist to have that taken care of. Being new in town and seeing a new dentist he took some x-rays and familiarized himself with my choppers. Then he pronounced that it would take three two-hour appointments to correct my problems. Today is the first appointment.

I was accustomed to my dentist in Pascagoula. Dr. Willis was gentle, very pain conscious, and a deacon in the Baptist church. I trusted him. My new dentist? Well, I trust him too. I should, he’s one of my elders! Aside from his foreboding name (Dr. Graves!), he is also a former NFL football player. Anyway I’ll be glad to have these appointments behind me. I would rather deal with Dr. Graves as an elder than as a dentist. Like most people I am a bit of a dental-pain-phobic. I’m sure there’s a nice big shot with my name on it … ready to numb my face for the rest of the day. I’m grateful for that!

In other news … tonight is the monthly meeting of The Compassionate Friends, a support group for people who have lost their children. We look forward to being a part of this group on a more regular basis, which we were unable to do last year. This Saturday our local Mardi Gras parade rolls (which is of no interest to me). Sunday we continue our study at Forsythe on John’s Gospel, chapters nine and ten. We are about to begin a new men’s study group, but I’ll tell you more about that in another post.

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