Simple Ideas For Building Family Life in the Church


Think Humanity Isn’t Starving For Love and Family?

Is Your Our Church A Family With Love and Hugs and Care?

We often say that the church is a ‘family’, and so it is! But often times the demands of our daily lives keep us removed from developing relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ. To overcome this we must intentionally build family life. Here are some questions to help us determine our involvement and needs:

1. Are we present when the family is together? Remember that other people need your smile, hug, kindness, and love. When we see each other at worship opportunities a camaraderie is built    that strengthens our faith.

2. Are we present when life is disrupted? Funerals, visitation, hospitalization, crisis. Do we know one another well enough to know when these thins are going on?

3. Are we present to enjoy good times together? Weddings and celebrations are great times to share. Just a simple meal    together means a lot. When is the last time you made a new friend – around your own dining room table?

4. Are we participating in LifeGroups, growing closer to one another by sharing times together studying and praying?

5. Are we growing in Christ together, studying and discipling one another? Are you accountable to someone with your struggles?

Family life is not built in one hour per week, but by spending our lives with one another! God’s Family. It’s not just a song, not just a neat concept. It is that to which God has called us.

Your thoughts? More ideas?


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