I woke up Sunday morning extremely nauseated, with tremors and fever. I know what that means. Another cellulitis attack on my leg. In the past I’ve attempted to self-medicate this, but not this time. I’ll be seeing the doctor as soon as he will see me. I did manage to make it through my sermon. I told them I was in a contest I didn’t want to win: being the first person to throw up on our new carpet. Somehow I made it. During the invitation I left the building and came home to go to bed. I’ve been in bed for fourteen hours. Misery.

But I suppose everyone’s got their list of problems. And many of them are much more severe than mine. Mine, I trust, is temporary. Some of you have illnesses that last a lifetime. Some have illness that will take their life. We all must trust in the Great Physician who does not always remove our phsyical infirmities. But only in trusting Him do we have hope of returning to a time where there is no sickness, no disease, no death.

Don’t forget to sign up for a new project called Love In the Mail (see previous post). Why not share this idea with some friends you think would like to participate! How to subscribe? Send a blank email to:┬áSome have suggested that this would be a good project for youth groups. Great idea!

For several years Central has placed a card out on the table in the foyer for people to sign. Usually it gets about 30 or so signatures and is sent to someone who is hurting. These cards have come to mean a lot to the recipients. I can envision something like this developing in this group … and the joy of giving a lift to someone else is a good feeling.

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