10.11.14I do not get sick very often. That’s a blessing. I’m around sick people … visit sick people in the hospital … pray for sick people. But there is one sickness that does strike from time to time and that is Cellulitis centered in my lower left leg. I could post a picture but every time I see someone posting a picture of their injury or scar I wonder why I had to look at that. Trust me. My leg is swollen, fire-red, and painful to walk on.

When I first had cellulitis I looked on the internet (which everyone knows is a big mistake!) and self-diagnosed as having a blood clot in my leg. I went through the tests and when they came out negative was told by the doctor to just stay off of it and let it heal. I guess he never heard of cellulitis. One attack I had was in the aftermath of Katrina. Following his advice I stayed in my chair with leg elevated for almost a month before it cleared up.

Then a friend of mine said her dad had this same problem and his doctor gave him antibiotics and usually within a week or so it was cleared up. I informed my doctor about this and he was willing to give it a try. (He’s no longer my doctor.) It worked. So I know when this happens that it’s rest and antibiotics and waiting. This attack seemed to me to be more severe than usual. I slept for most of three days. Today I was more alert and felt a tiny bit better. I expect to preach Sunday (at least that’s my plan!).

I’m tempted to try to dig out some spiritual lessons from my sickness but I think I’ll just let this be a time to check in with you and let you know what’s going on with me. Thanks to those who have been / will pray for me and my beautiful caregiver Maggy.

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