Seminar For Fast Food Service

I’ve decided to begin a new seminar available for all fast food outlets. Attention Managers … I know you’ve been working hard to train your workers, but I think I can help them hone their skills! I have no degree in this area, but I do have years of experience. If you will bring me in to train your workers I will give them specific information on the following areas that will triple their current performance! Areas covered in this seminar include:

*Fry Dump – How to dump the customer’s fries upside down in every bag. As an added bonus I will demonstrate a move that sends the fries completely out of their container!

*Speech intensity. This is FAST food, you need to speed through that suggested selling spiel as quick as possible. I will teach you how to to buzz through your order summary in such a way as to move your customer quickly through the line. Who cares if they can understand you? We also have a special pseudo-english language we can teach you so that even the most seasoned drive through customer will be baffled!

*Burger Swap. Why should the customer have all the fun. Not sure if you got the burgers right? Who cares? Sling those burgers in the bag and let the chips fall. Most of those stooges will ride off and not know until they get home that they have the wrong burger. ha! By then your shift will have ended and you’ll never have to deal with it.

*Ignore the honk. Some customers just can’t be happy. They’ll have you running after straws, napkins, a drink they say  you forgot …sigh. Just close the window and look busy. They may honk their horns a few time but they’ll eventually drive off.

*Pull Up Please! This is the oldest trick in the drive through biz, but you can disguise cold burgers and fries by asking customers to pull up.  By the time they get their food they’ll be so glad that they’ll take anything. And if it’s wrong, they’ll have to get into the drive through lane again or come inside! ha! PS: Good time to take a bathroom break and disappear!

*Attitude Minus! Let the customer know that they are bugging you by being there and ordering food. Who do they think they are! Frown, mumble, and roll your eyes. They’ll get the picture.

I look forward to offering these seminars across the country! Do you have any suggested classes to add?


PS: I REALLY want to do this seminar at Cane’s in Monroe. They are always perky, timely, friendly, get the order right, articulate, and care about the customer. Don’t they know what’s happening at the other drive thru’s around town?

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