I took this picture yesterday in Monroe with my new iPhone. Read sign carefully!

Greetings from a very hot and dry Monroe, Louisiana. What do we expect? It’s July. I haven’t posted in several days … and posting on a Saturday is not a very frugal use of time. Blog readership sinks on weekends. But I have a few minutes so here I am.

We arrived back in Monroe late Wednesday night. It was our intention to be back in time for the Wednesday night class…but that just became impossible. It didn’t help that we got 20 miles on our way and I remembered I had left behind all toiletries and medications. So back we went. And we left again just in time to get into the adventure of driving along with those escaping their workdays at Chevron and Northrup Grumman. Hair-raising…and I don’t have much hair!

Yesterday was national iPhone day….wasn’t it? I wanted an iPhone so badly when they first came out. But the price was so high … and I figured they would improve it with a new version before long. I’ve had some nice phones. My last ‘nice’ phone was one I broke after using it so much following Katrina. It was a flip phone that finally flipped apart! It wasn’t a good time to buy a phone, so I just went in and asked for the cheapest phone in the place (the Danny Dodd philosophy). It has worked well, but very limited in features. Still out there was the iPhone taunting me. I became eligable for an upgrade but news began to stir about a new iPhone for 2008! So, I’ve patiently waited for the day. Yesterday I waited in line with about 50 people. I started about 8:00 … some had been there half the night. About an hour later the staff let us know that the 8g phones were sold out…and some people left. I walked out of the store with my new phone after waiting about 1 hour 50 minutes… not too bad. As the news related yesterday, the Apple website was overcome with 13,000  requests per second, so I wasn’t able to unlock the phone until the afternoon. I’m still learning my way around it.

I would say the biggest event of the year at Forsythe Avenue Church of Christ is DISCOVER. Our Family Minister, Jason Barnard, plans and directs this youth event that draws 800+ people from throughout the region. Some of the best-known speakers and singing groups have been a part of this event. This year the event will feature Dusty Rush and Craig Hicks as speakers, with worship being led by Chris Lindsey and some singers from Rochester Church of Christ. I believe also that Jason is putting some emphasis on adult classes this year as well.

But if you want to keep up with the developing details of DISCOVER, then you need to bookmark Jason’s new blog and check it daily. It is located HERE. I encourage you to plan now to come to Monroe this October … it’s going to be a fantastic weekend!

It is our plan Sunday after worship to have lunch with a couple we haven’t yet met. They run a Compassionate Friends group here. The only entry requirement into this group is to have lost a child. We do continue in our struggle and grief … and I’m sure I will write more about it … but at this point I do not want to write about it every day. I just tell you that to let you know that your prayers are still needed and we love you for caring about us so deeply.

By the way … Craig Hicks is very ill and hospitalized at this moment … and if you would click on his name above and go to his blog and leave a note of encouragement I know he would like it a lot.

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