Saturday Stuff

I have a couple of things for you to keep in prayer.

Ron, one of our members, is having a horrific time with his health. A super brother in Christ … three hernia surgeries in the same place… now another surgery next week. They are at their wit’s end. Please pray for Ron and Kathy … they have been through a terrible time. 

Also, my friend Chris Lockhart is a bold and faith-filled brother. Their new church “launches” this Sunday. He has been trying to get so many things together to make it a perfect day. Give him a prayer sometime today and we will watch and see what God has in mind for the Journey Christian Church there in McDonough, GA.

One more prayer request… Hurricane Dean will come ashore somewhere next week … at this point it may possibly be a category 4 storm. We need to pray that it dissipates or hits a sparsely populated area.

Here’s some other neat stuff going on:

Darin Hamm and church have been doing some awesome things in the community. A Free Garage Sale? Giving socks and underwear to kids? That’s the kind of things I want to see our church getting into. Service … No strings attached.

Take a look at this:


I have to say that Darin is passionate about outreach, he is creative, and he is proactive. I admire him, can you tell?

Dusty’s church is getting to know each other better, and also some of the area religious leaders … by inviting them to speak on something about which we all agree. Another great idea!

Dee is having a photo contest!

Matt is wanting to engage us in the topic of the Holy Spirit.

If you haven’t been keeping up with the Burkett Quad Squad, there’s no time like the present!

Mike Cope recently asked what our favorite comedy TV show is, and favorite comedy movie. He got a lot of responses to that one. Someone mentioned the movie WHAT’S UP DOC? And today at the library I checked out a DVD of this great old movie…and Maggy and I watched it tonight. What a laugh!

For some reason I can’t access FACEBOOK from my home computer. What’s up with that?

Central’s bulletin for this week is now posted on the bulletin blog. I wonder how many of you use blog posts as bulletin articles? It’s a great idea!

What’s going on at your office when the boss isn’t around? Take a look at this!


And if you have a few more minutes, have a laugh at this great breaking news item from the Onion News Network:


Well, I hope you have a great Saturday!

Thanks for reading!


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