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Thanks for stopping by my blog on a Saturday. If you’re one of the ones using a Reader, thanks for stopping by whenever! It’s a sunny Saturday on the Coast. I’ll be headed back to Monroe this afternoon. Wonder how many traffic jams I’ll encounter? It seems that every trip I take these days ends up in a deadlock on the interstate. Maybe that’s just good prayer time. I don’t know!

I want to give you an update on my parent’s health since I know that many of you are praying for them. My mother will receive the port for chemotherapy next Friday. I would guess chemotherapy will begin asap after that. My stepdad got some crushing news yesterday. They have discovered that he does have cancer. Please keep them in your prayers as they enter into a time of transition, planning, heartache, and making the most of every day.

By now many of you have read the tragic story of Shane Ruiz, a Freed-Hardeman University student who was on a Spring Break mission trip in the Dominican Republic. While standing in only three feet of water a violent wave knocked him down and the undertow took him out to sea. His death has been both a shock and a source of intense grief for his family, friends,  and all those associated with FHU. Please keep his family in your prayers.

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Kelly Dixon.

Tomorrow is Resurrection Sunday and we all expect to see an upsurge in church attendance. I hope your Easter weekend is one that is filled with the promise of new life and the beauty of God’s creation as Spring approaches.

Last night Maggy and I went to see SHUTTER. This is basically a remake of THE RING, with a different gadget and a different setting, but it’s the same story and has some of the same elements. However, it is not nearly as creepy and fails to be very interesting. The movie started at 8, but actually there were almost 20 minutes of previews, and we were out by 9:45. So even with stretching the movie with long periods of uninteresting context interspersed with an occasional ‘jump’ … it’s just not all that good. The final scene could have been chilling, and it almost was. But not quite. It might have been better if I had invested a fortune in popcorn.

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