Saturday on the Coast

This was a busy Saturday around Pascagoula. There were many things going on around town. So-called “final” or “best of the year” sales at all the stores (how do they get away with these lies?). Then there was a meeting with some brothers from Kansas who drove down to scout out roofs to put on in March. They will be working with Habitat for Humanity and hope to place ten roofs on new homes next Spring. They began their journey home this afternoon. The crew from Pennsylvania took to the road today also, after an awesome week of work. Also Mark Mike Alred from Tulsa, Oklahoma brought down custom made windows and doors and gave the front of Central quite a facelift. He did this as a gift to our church, a marvelous gift. I can’t tell you how it improved the look of our facility! See all those boxes in the window? That’s the carpet that’s ready to be laid after we place some tile on some of the floors. In addition to all of this Gary and Loree Boswell had a celebration of the marriage of David Kilbern Jr and Karen Potter. I think there were about 35 folks who came out to enjoy grilled hamburgers and apple pies on a beautiful day. The money tree looked full to me! I checked afterward to see if they had left any behind…they hadn’t! This evening David Kilbern and crew fed about 60 AmeriCorps workers. They are making a significant contribution to our community.

In all of this activity, Maggy and I managed to buy a Christmas tree and get it mostly decorated. Tomorrow I’ll be preaching from Philippians 4 and I hope to actually have a podcast this week. Some new recording equipment arrived, so I’ll be making a trial run with it.

I also picked up the WOW CHRISTMAS cds … and they are pretty WOW! There are a few I do not care for, but that’s to be expected. You can hear some samples that that site if you click on the e-card button. It does have the dreadful ‘Christmas Shoes’ song. I know…people want to throw things at me when I say that. But that song makes me think that the writers sat in a room and said to themselves, ‘what’s the saddest Christmas story we could tell.’ Well, anyway, it makes me cry every time. It’s Christmas time, folks…lets dry some tears and celebrate!

I want to see The Nativity Story … and maybe I’ll do that tomorrow afternoon. Bobby Cohoon said it was good.

I wanted to write a post on things that wig people out … but I figured I’d just wig somebody out if I did. One of them is talking about Jesus’ birth at Christmas time … can you imagine! I don’t think we ought to hold back … this is our time.  Another thing that wigs people out is putting wreaths at the building. That’s because we think it’s a holy place to which certain rules apply. I think it ought to be the most beautifully decorated place in town … a place where the wonder of the season can rise above the commercialism of the season and place the emphasis fully on Christ. I know people who get a birthday cake and sing happy birthday to Jesus. Ok, that kinda wigs me out …but … I don’t care. We need to give Jesus all the glory in every day for every good thing.  When is Jesus’ birthday anyway? Bobby Cohoon (second mention…I must be desperate for blogation) talks about it HERE. By the way, if you don’t know what it means to wig out, then just ignore this paragraph.

I also think this is a great time to re-read Dicken’s A Christmas Carol. If you don’t want to read it, just listen to it at that link. Although, I think I could read it better. My mother thinks so. I had a beautiful hardback book of Dicken’s Christmas stories, but I’m not sure it surived the storm. He wrote lots of great Christmas stories.

Here’s a blog I’ve just started reading….and I like it for a lot of reasons. The latest post is a review of Casino Royale – the new Bond movie. I think I’d like to see it. Do you think I could talk Maggy into seeing both movies tomorrow? If we don’t buy popcorn we can probably afford it. Hmmm…what would it do to my mind to spend 2 hours with the King of Kings, and 2 hours with the King of Spies? I dunno.

Well, now I’m up past midnight and I intended to go to bed early tonight. I do have a confession before going to sleep though. This has been a rough couple of days on South Beach Diet. Actually, I’ve been beached! Thursday night was my birthday so I made an exception and we had a big supper of ‘bad’ foods. Then today at the wedding celebration … I had not eaten breakfast…and entered into the event with no planning ahead … well…no excuses…but just noting that these are diet busters. I need to eat breakfast as instructed. I need to plan ahead for times when I know I’m going to be tempted – and bring my own. Tomorrow is a church fellowship meal. I do pretty well at those because I like to talk … and there’s plenty of new ears around. Anyway… tomorrow I plan to get back on the beach. Even Dr. A, who wrote the book, suggested that we not start during the holiday season…but…I can tell a difference already in both Maggy and myself…and I do not want to go backwards. Just staying real with you on the diet thing, OK? Thanks for listening.

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