Saturday on the Coast

It’s a cold and rainy Saturday on the Coast. Saturday … a day when blog readership takes a dive (if you’re reading- thanks!). Saturday … the day before Sunday. And this particular Saturday is the day before I will offer my final message at Central. It’s also a marker of one week before I’ll present my first messages at Forsythe. Am I prepared for either? Hardly.

PET PEEVES. I know everyone has pet peeves, and mine was thumped yesterday. I had to go to the grocery store to get a few items. Since we live two blocks from the store, we often go for just a few things. Here’s what was in my basket: a box of Splenda packets, a half gallon of skim milk, a box of banana popsicles, a Weight Watchers frozen treat, and a bag of pretzel sticks. None of that’s interesting except when the checker was through, she placed those five items in THREE bags. Bag one: WW Frozen treat and Splenda. Bag two: milk. Bag Three: pretzels and popsicles. I am just dumbfounded at this. You have two frozen items, a cold item, and two room temp items. Why would anyone spread those cold items out by themselves? I know this girl has no idea how to do this … never trained, obviously. It’s also obvious that she’s not old enough to live in her own place, go grocery shopping, and deal with bags that have both cold and room temp items (which tend to get wet after a few minutes). I think she bagged by virtue of diet food / non diet food. If she thought about it at all. So what did I do? Not much. I calmly rebagged the items with her watching and likely rolling her eyes. Silly? Well, maybe. But it’s Saturday and only 1/3 of my readers will ever know my challenges of grocery bagging. And bring back paper bags please!!! I recently asked for paper bags and got a confused look and confession: I don’t know how to do that. Oh boy. That’s another peeve for another day.

HOT ROOM. I saw on a news story that the Monte Carlo in Vegas was on fire yesterday. I laughed at one line in the news story that said, “People were reportedly evacuated from the Monte Carlo, and new guests were turned away while firefighters struggled to extinguish the flames.” New guests were turned away? Can you imagine how intoxicated you’d have to be in order to try to check into a hotel that was on fire? I hope what happened in Vegas stays in Vegas, ya know?

BIG WIN. 20 year old Sharapova wins Australian Open, her third Grand Slam win. It is not all that interesting to me, but it is to Donna. Of course she already knows he results.

HOT LINKS – I try to put links of interest from other blogs on my blog posts, but I’m not going to do that any more. No, I’m not on strike or anything. If you look at the tabs at the top of this blog there is one that is called HOT POSTS. As I read blogs of interest, I’ll link them there throughout the day. Check it often!

Thanks for stopping by today. I know it hasn’t been much. But for those subscribers who have already pre-paid, I promise to do better. For those who read this blog for free, you get what you pay for!

Have a great Saturday!


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