Saturday on the Coast

We are scheduled (by someone) to have isolated thunderstorms today. I hope that happens before I’m forced to cut my grass.

Ever since I went on my vacation to the Smoky Mountains I have been unable to be serious about my diet. I am pretty bored with it. Let’s face it, no diet food is very exciting. But anyway, I think it’s time for a change. I have done pretty well with South Beach diet. I guess I lost about 35 lbs over the past several months. This morning, though, I’m going to take a new road for a while and join Weight Watchers once again. Of course tomorrow is fellowship meal day at church … sigh. Ah well … I’ve had plenty of great food over the past three weeks … I need to get a grip and get serious once again about my food intake. Diets, of course, are not the answer. Changing eating habits for a lifetime is the answer. A program, though, gives you the path to take. I hope that with new and growing insights into addictive / compulsive behaviors I can continue to move in the right direction.

A professional film crew is in town doing a documentary on the 100 Homes in 100 Days project. I believe they will be doing some filming at Central tomorrow morning during worship.

I’m excited and proud that Central has been in the middle of the rebuilding process in Pascagoula from day one. A core of about a dozen people have been very instrumental in keeping things running. I highlighted David and Elaine Kilbern’s work a few posts back … but there are others who are also vital to the work. Stella Prince has had newspaper articles about her work as a volunteer at the kitchen. Mary Harris moved here from Bloomington to work full time in the kitchen as a volunteer. Rick and Debbie Seab have been dependable and solid doing all they can. Cathy Garrison has been cooking for months for volunteers. Anna Moore has been baking cakes at her home and sending them up to the dining hall for months as well. My wife has made big pots of homemade soup to send to the kitchen and has helped serve meals from time to time. Rodney Spencer is at the dining hall early every day making breakfast for the work crews. Rodney has moved here from Pennsylvania and his family is soon to follow. I always hate to start listing names, because I will certainly leave some out. And actually, I do not know everyone who has helped … but I do know that several members of our church have contributed food dishes, served, cleaned up, and performed other duties from time to time. Others have joined in with work crews as they have been available.

Volunteers are slowing down as it relates to contacts we receive for future visits. Our work crew calendar reflects that we have no workers scheduled for the work weeks in September, October, November. A recent article in The Mississippi Press revealed that there are still 4,000 open cases in Jackson County … people seeking aid and help from Katrina’s destruction.  As always, skilled labor is needed most. If you’re interested in coming to work, get in touch with me!

Marvin Phillips was scheduled to be here in a few weeks, but he has had some severe health problems. He has been forced to cancel his trip to the Coast in July. Please keep Marvin in your prayers. He has brought so much energy and encouragement to so many people for so long … He is a man I admire and love in the Lord.

My Geek Hero, Chris Pirillo, lists twenty reasons why he’s not going to get an iPhone.

Mitt Romney’s skeleton in the closet: His pup rode in a carrier on top of the family car on a vacation 24 years ago. This guy MUST be squeaky clean if this is all they can dig up on him.

Jim Martin is blogging about the value of journaling as a spiritual discipline.

What can Starbucks teach us about church? Darin Hamm is writing about it.

Warning: Do not play THIS GAME. It will take your day away from you!

Emergency numbers everyone needs.

I see that the sun is about to make an appearance. The dusky blue sky will give way to bright sunshine, high humidity, and if we’re lucky, a cooling shower. I hope your Saturday is a great one. Thanks for stopping by.

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