Saturday Night…Live (?)

I made it back to Monroe this evening. I am thankful that there were no wrecks, traffic jams, or other delays on the journey. Before leaving my Coast home I helped Maggy and JR get our den back in order (mostly). After sweeping and mopping the floor, getting the rug back into place, rearranging the furniture, getting the paint supplies and power tools out … it started looking like our old home again. Nice. There are very few repairs left. No one came today, though, to finish them out. Ah well…the light at the end of the tunnel is very bright now!

I think I’ve posted a video of this song before … but it just resonates with me that I want to post it again. I haven’t seen this version of it … so thanks to the Church for Men blog, I will offer it to you for contemplation. The Church for Men blog offered a paragraph of thought to go along with it. I encourage a visit to that blog. (Actually, I encourage you to visit it daily, as I do.)



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