Saturday in Ouachita Parish


Hillsong United, Stronger

Greetings Friends … hope your holiday weekend is going well. Maggy is at her parent’s enjoying visiting with them. I’m sure they will visit John Robert’s grave site. It has now been 101 days without him. In spite of that amount of time it still seems impossible to me that he is gone from this life. I wonder if that feeling ever goes away?

Yesterday was the 3 year “anniversary” of Katrina. I think there was much less news coverage of that event than last year. Perhaps that is natural since there is much attention on Hurricane Gustav, which is shaping up to be a massive force of destruction. Currently the central coast of Louisiana is in the target range, but one ‘wobble’ and it could be a dramatically different story. I know I do not have to encourage all coastal residents to keep their eyes open.

Someone sent me an invitation to check out – a new (?) social networking site. While there I managed to sign in and have all my addressbook added … so many of you may get an e-mail from “me” at Please do not respond to that. First of all because they are spammers… setting this up to be so easily done. Second because I will not be visiting that site … Facebook is enough! And then there’s Twitter. I think I’m socially networked enough. Anyhow… I do apologize if you got an e-mail from them.

I’m excited about tomorrow night. We will have an Area Wide Worship Service at the Neville High School auditorium at 6:00 p.m. Elders, ministers, and song leaders from several churches of Christ in the Parish will participate. If you are nearby, come be with us! I hope it will be an inspirational night and I hope it will become an annual event. There’s no sermon … just songs, prayers, Scriptures … and an acknowledgment that we are part of God’s spiritual family working together to bring the Kingdom message to this area.

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