Saturday Catch-Up

THANKS. Seems like I am “catching up” a lot on my posts. I’m WAY behind on my reader, so I’ve got a lot of posts yet to read. I had a lot of great laughs in the previous post’s comments. Thanks to all of you for participating in that funny meme.

KIRK CAMERON. This week’s highlight was attending the Ouachita Christian School Annual Banquet. This year’s speaker was Kirk Cameron. It was a great event and looked like a large crowd gathered. We had our picture taken with Kirk and heard a good message from him. It’s nice to see someone stand for Christ in a corrupt city/industry like Hollywood. I also said howdy to some of my Facebook friends that I haven’t really gotten to know personally yet. Many thanks to Mike and Mignon Riley who invited us to sit at their table and provided our tickets for the reception and dinner.

SUNDAY SERMON. Tomorrow I’ll be preaching from John 14 – a favorite place of comfort and assurance for most of us.

GRIEF. We all know that on the journey of grief there are so many reminders of our losses. Sometimes they are unexpected, sometimes we anticipate them. Today is my Mom and Dad’s anniversary. They would have been married 28 years. He has been gone since November, so the reality is still sinking in for all of us. Please say a prayer for my mom and my stepsisters. We all miss Harold so much.

TWITTER. I think Twitter is changing the way many people communicate these days. I find that many of the things I used to share on the blog have all made their way onto Twitter. So some of the ‘small talk’ kind of items seem like old news for the blog. Why I like Twitter:

*It is instant communication

*It is the element that ties together my blog and FaceBook status.

*I hope to make more local contacts via Twitter.

*It’s fast. No long posts (like this one) … 140 characters… read it at a glance and move on.

And I know someone is going to leave a comment that they do not understand Twitter. If you haven’t watched Twitter in Plain English yet, it will answer most of your questions!

And now… a POLL!

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Thanks for reading!


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