Roll With It!


Today I got a nice Facebook notice from my friend Amanda Sanders that the link to her blog on my blog roll was incorrect. I appreciated that. Honestly it’s been a long time since I took a look at that page.

Blog Rolls used to be a really big thing. For one, they gave us some new blogs to read. Once upon a time there were only thousands of blogs, now there are millions (and millions of dead ones!). So reading the recommendations of trusted bloggers was good. Blog Rolls also allow us to give a list of blogs that address a particular theme.

But now that we have readers (such as Google Reader and Bloglines, among others) and can read our favorite blogs all in one place. That’s quite a time saver, but it does almost eliminate the need for blog rolls.

Almost. It’s still great to get recommendations from others. So my Blog Roll is now named Awesome Bloggers. I recommend each one of them. Some that were on there had outdated links that I believe I have now fixed. I also eliminated those who haven’t blogged in several months. If you want to be added, just let me know in the comments on that page.

Oh – to get there just look at the tabs above and click on Awesome Bloggers. Haven’t started a blog yet? Who knows…maybe YOU are the next Awesome Blogger!

Do you utilize blog rolls? Have a blog roll on your blog? Thoughts?

Thanks for reading!


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